Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Family Traditions

I know that Memorial Day Weekend is past but I thought I would share some family traditions that have been started and we have 3 little ones (soon to be 6) that remind us often of what we are supposed to do next when up north at grandma's and grandpa's. We have to have a campfire each night and what is a campfire without smores.
The boys ask and beg all weekend long for as many tube rides as they can possibly get grandpa to take them on. This weekend they got to go out twice and went around about 4 or 5 times.

Notice that Liam is wet. This is Michigan...May weather...The water is not warm at all but these guys love every minute of it.

Grandpa used to have a great speed boat when we were growing up but after we left for college he got rid of it and went to the pontoon thing. It works for now but I mentioned to my dad that he will have to get a speedboat again and his reply was "I already had my speedboat" I guess that means that it is up to us to provide the speedboat.....

Morrell Mushrooms. This is a huge Memorial Day Weekend Tradition. We go out and hunt and bring them back to clean them, coat them with flour and fry them up in the pan. They are the best tasting things ever. Some years are better than others and this year was ok....We also had some poppel jacks which are easier to find though not as good as a morrell.

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Heidi Hockstra said...

Looking at the mushrooms in this picture makes my mouth water. We have such a good memory making family!