Monday, May 18, 2009

The Mott Triplet Baptism

Here we are....We had the baptism during the Saturday evening mass at our church, St. Owen Catholic Church. The priest did a good job and the babies did a great job. There was no crying by any babies and all of the godparents did a great job. This was such an easy mass for David and I as we didn't have to hold babies or worry about anything. After mass ended we all headed back to our home for a good old party. Our 50+ guests dined on beef strognoff, several wonderful salads, bread and fruit. The meal was sealed with many deserts and a few brews. Everyone ended up leaving around 11pm and David and I were tucked in at 11:34pm. Thanks to all of those who helped out, brought things and held babies. I had a great evening and felt like I got a chance to talk to everyone.

This is Willie and Colleen who are the godparents to Finn. Willie and Colleen are my nieces and belong to Bill and Nadine Mott. I was so honored that they were interested in being Finn's godparents. Colleen is also the niece that babysat for me all summer when the twins were babies. She has since grown up and now has a real job.

The godparents to Colin are Ken and Kathleen Crossman. Kathleen is my sister-in-law(David's sister) and Ken is her husband. They were delighted to be godparents as their children are getting older so there are no "little" ones around their house anymore. Thanks Ken and Kathleen for being great godparents.

Declan got Stephen and Lauren for his godparents. Stephen and Lauren belong to Tom and Pam Mott and they are wonderful to all of my children. They also seemed very excited to be godparents and did a great job in making it thru the baptism. David is the godfather to Lauren so we thought it was appropriate to make Lauren a godparent along with her brother.

Here are my little peaches before the ceremony. It was hard to get them all sitting just right and showing their little outfits. When our twins were born I had a seamstress make 2 boy christening outfits and 1 girl outfit (just in case I had a girl) out of my wedding dress. I thought for sure that would cover any future outfits I would need. When the triplets were born I was short one outfit. I debated having another one made but instead I asked a dear friend of mine, Lynn Ramirez if I could possibly borrower her outfit from her son, Vincent. Now all three are wearing special outfits with a story behind each one of them. Thanks Vincent and the Ramirez family for sharing.

Now last but not least I had to post a picture of just how big one side of the family is. This is just David's side and not everyone is even in the picture. David is the youngest of 7 and this includes 5 siblings and their kids but we are missing 4 from California and 10 from Chicago. Check this family out. My side of the family is much smaller. My side is just my sister and I and we didn't get a chance to get that picture taken.


Christening Gowns said...

Such cute Christening outfits! congrats!

Nicole O'Dell said...

Okay...where to start???

First of all, that picture of your family is BEAUTIFUL! Wow! Don't you just feel so amazed and proud of your little tribe?

The picture of each baby with his godparents is soooo sweet. I mean, how blessed they are to each have their own set to spoil them!

The picture of the babies alone is PRECIOUS! They are getting so big!

And, your big family is amazing! I would love to have a big family like that. (I decided that I'd have to do it myself!)


betsymott said...

and one in africa aunt heather!