Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Quad Stroller For My Triplets

This is my latest purchase...well maybe several months ago but I am thrilled with it. I know it looks absolutely obnoxious but it is the best thing ever. I decided on a quad stroller because I gave up my gym membership and so I needed a stroller that I could take LONG walks. Little Miss Mairin cant walk the 4 + miles I like to go. She loves that she has a seat and she helps with the babies as we stroll along.
Lets discuss a bit of why I gave up my gym membership. I hated to do it but I just had to be realistic. The childcare center at Lifetime will allow 2 full hours of childcare while I work out but they dont change diapers so when they see or smell something they call you down from the workout floor and you come and change the diaper...sounds simple right...well something that I have not figured out how to do is to get the triplets to poop at the same time. I could just see myself constantly being paged over the loud speaker.."Heather Mott to the childcare center....another child has pooped". Not to mention every bottle has to be labeled and they cannot be left in their carseat, you have to take them out of it...blah blah blah....tired just thinking of all of the work involved...The other reason that I pulled out of this gym is that they charge (no matter if you use the childcare center or not) $6.00 per kid, per month.....I have 6 kids. That adds on a lot of money. My intention is to walk and run on my own when I can and when the babies get older I will venture out and find a cool gym to join. It is too bad we had to leave "Lifetime".
Now back to the stroller. When I take this stroller out it is amazing how many people dont realize how many babies are in the stroller. It is a great stroller if you want to blend in a little more.


Nicole O'Dell said...

Such a great idea! I went with the triplet one, but I didn't have a fourth passenger to ride once in a while. But, I always thought it would have been a great idea--get through the door easier than a triplet side-by-side and not a s-t-r-e-t-c-h LIMO like the long triplet one I have.

Helene said...

I go through the SAME thing at my gym to the point where it felt like just bringing the kids was my workout. Inevitably, one of the little twins would poop and I'd get called to the childcare room to change the diaper and of course then the big twins need my help in the bathroom. Then I finally get myself out of there, with them all begging and crying for me to not leave them. By the time I hop back on the elliptical, I hear my name paged AGAIN....the other little twin has now pooped. It never fails!! I've stopped going to the gym and now I walk in the mornings when the big twins are in preschool.

I love that stroller!!! I may have to invest in one this summer since the big twins will be out of preschool all summer and I desperately need to take my walks!!

Marcia said...

LOVE the stroller picture-I'll bet Mairin is thrilled as well!!

O'Dells said...


We were wondering what brand of quad stroller you purchased? Where did you order it from too? It looks like a really nice one!

Also, do the back seats FULLY recline into a flat position (where the baby could lay totally flat)?

Do you like the stroller?

Danielle O'Dell

Olivia Princess said...

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