Monday, May 25, 2009

The Triplets First Weekend Getaway To Grandma and Grandpa's House

As the bus pulled up on Friday at 4:10pm we were packed and ready to head north. Eamon and Liam ran from the bus and got into the packed Expedition and off we went to pick up Mairin and then get on the super slab heading North. The kids love our trips to Grandma and Grandpa's for many reasons. To start we usually get to stop at their favorite restaurant..good old McDonalds on our roadtrip up. When we arrive in my hometown of Stanton (about 2.5 hours northwest of Detroit) the kids dissappear into the basement which is full of toys that are new to them especially if we haven't been up there in awhile. They will soon reappear and ask to either go 4-wheeling with grandpa, take a ride on the tractor or golfcart. They may request to take a swim in the lake or even go for a tube ride. The choices are endless at grandma and grandpa's house. The kids consider it Disney with so many different things to do. We end every evening with a campfire and smores.

The triplets did great on the roadtrip and when we arrived there were plenty of hands to help with the holding. We set up 3 pack n plays in one of the bedrooms and put them to bed. I don't know if it is the fresh air or just the passing and holding of them but the babies slept like real champs. Declan was consistantly 13 hours each night while Colin and Finn did well at 11 hours each night. Their naps were consistantly long as well. It was very nice to be able to take them somewhere new and know they can sleep. We make this trip for Memorial, July 4th and Labor Day Weekend. We also spend Christmas up in we have to get these babies used to this.

We all had fun and when we got back on the super slab going south all of the kids were sound to sleep with 20 minutes of hitting the road. They slept most of the way back to the city.

We arrived back home and I was able to unpack nearly everything and even had a couple of minutes to myself to catch up on my email and get ready for the reality of tomorrow.


Myrna said...

I know why the kids love going to Grandma and Grandpa's house. These are traditions they will remember always. I smiled as I read this thinking of the fun everyone had "up north!"

Heidi Hockstra said...

It sure was a great weekend with the little ones! It was nice to take Colin up with me!