Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Updates.... Free Stuff for Multiples

So it has been a long time since I have followed up on all of the wonderful free stuff I have received from my form letters that I have sent out to all of the manufacturers. I received yet another freebie today so that is what made me think that I should update. Here is what I have received so far:

-9 cases of liquid formula from Enfamil
-9 cases of power formula from Similac
-6 toys from Lamaze
-Bottles and 6 sip cups from Playtex
-6 pacifiers from Playtex
-3 bibs, 9 bottles of butt paste from boudreaux's
-coupons for free "natures goodness" baby food
-Bibs and onsies from Gerber
-3 free tickets to Ringling Brothers Circus
-50.00 worth of Huggies coupons
-30.00 worth of Pampers coupons

Anyway...I have not received answers from all of the letters I sent out but this is not too bad of a response. The best stuff that I have received is stuff from Friends and Family. I am so blessed to have friends that have just passed on some of their stuff so I have at least 2 of everything if not 3. I will continue to update you on more free stuff as it arrives.

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Anonymous said...

Your family is beautiful. I have a single and then triplets all girls. Congrats to you and your growing family. WOW I thought I had my hands full with just four! Good luck to you, I will continue to check on your blog. When they were first born, I too got a lot of stuff from manufacturers. I made a blog myself to help people get free baby items and products. Its called check it out you may be able to get more free baby products. Good luck to you again your family is beautiful. Thanks for sharing