Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wandering Gourmet...A priceless gift

I don't usually try to "sell" people on things that I enjoy but I have to share this neat concept. Our neighbors were so kind in getting David and I a gift certificate to "The Wandering Gourmet". Chef Dan provides you a large list of dinner selections for you to choose from and he comes on a scheduled day, to your home and cooks all of your selections, in your kitchen. He brings all of his own pots,pans and utensils and all of the food, spices and ingredients. He was here yesterday and while I watched the babies in the family room my home began to smell as if I was out for a nice dinner at a wonderful restaurant. Our gift certificate allowed us to get 20 meals so we chose a big variety of food from Korean Style Tuna, Flank Steak Fajitas to Pork Medallions with a creamy caper sauce. Each entree is beautifully labeled with directions as to how to thaw and eat. I froze all of the dinners and am looking forward to being able to pull out good food as I need it. You can pick the portion sizes and you can even make special requests. I know some of you maybe thinking that it would be odd to have a stanger in your kitchen for an afternoon and that was my thought at first but once you meet Dan you will understand why he does so well at coming into peoples homes. He is friendly and just pretty laid back. He just goes about his cooking and leaves the smells behind.

Unfortunately this is not a service I could afford on a regular basis but if you are looking for a special treat or a great gift for someone, you should really check his site out.

I have to say that there are so many nice and generous people out there who are always offering up tons of help. I took the babies to the boys baseball game last night with Heidi and it didn't take long before each mom had grabbed a baby and we were all holding babies. One of the dad's even was holding a baby. I just love it when people enjoy my little ones.


Angela said...

What a gift! I've never heard of such a thing! So glad you got to be the recipient! I'd give my right arm for that opportunity. Oh, yeah I kind of need it(arm)!

Michelle said...

That would be so amazing! What an awesome gift!

Helene said...

Wow, you have some fantastic friends!!!! That would be so awesome to have a personal chef come into my kitchen and whip up a bunch of gourmet meals. Although after being at my house for even an hour, he'd be running for the hills, possibly thinking of other careers he might be happy as he was flying out the front door.

Miranda said...

You have such cute kids, they are all adorable. I can't imagine!! Blessings!