Monday, June 1, 2009

Each Triplet is Different and Progressing.

Today is June 1st and the triplets are 5.5 months old now. I have to note their progress before I lose track of when they do things. You laugh but I have a hard time remembering simple things let alone remembering when each baby completes his milestones.

Finn is sitting up better and better. He can hold himself in a sitting position for 30 sec to a minute. We are practicing each day to improve. Colin has rolled over 3 times now...could still be accidents so I don't want to officially say that he is "rolling over yet". Declan, my little darling has found his voice and he has mastered a sort of squeal. It is not the prettiest of sounds but he uses it often. Finn still loves the hospital pacifiers but only during the day. None of the babies are nighttime pacifier babies. Colin could care less about any pacifier at this point but loves chewing on anything you give him. Declan enjoys the nuk pacifiers. They are eating baby food at least once a day. I bring them into the family room in their little seats and feed them. It is quite a production to have everything ready to feed. They are getting better at eating but they still make a mess.

We had a picnic down at our beach yesterday and I am proud to say that the babies went and did great. We were there for 3 hours and they spent most of the time on a blanket either snoozing or playing. It was a good test for me to know that we can spend our summer down there with minimal problems. The older kids spent the evening playing volleyball and swimming...brrrr is was so cold.

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