Monday, June 1, 2009

Feeding Triplets Simultaneously.

The number one question that people seem to ask How do you feed triplets all at once? I took this picture this morning after we ate our bananas and green beans. The key is to find heavy but small blankets, unfold them and then drape them across the babies laps. The bottles lay neatly in the folds of the blankets. It works like a charm and this is how my triplets eat everyday. BTW these seats are also their highchairs. They come with a tray (which don't use yet) but they will adjust to several different degrees of sitting up and they sit anywhere. I just love them and recommend if you are not crazy about large high chairs.


Helene said...

That is adorable!!! We had similar highchairs because I hated the idea of having two huge bulky highchairs taking up so much space in our kitchen area.

It's funny....I spent so much money on various bottle proppers and then finally figured out (by accident) that blankets worked so much better!!

Dorinda said...

They look so comfy with their blankets - very cute!

Have you tried the Podee bottles with the straws? We used those and they were LIFESAVERS - LOVED them except for the cleaning but even that was worth it :)

Jennifer T. said...

Haha, looks like a picture from my home! We LOVE our bouncy chairs brought in suitcases from the US, and bottle propping on blankets - definitely!

We tried Podee but the babies couldn't suck hard enough...maybe we should try them with the older ones.