Sunday, June 7, 2009

Large Family Parties...Nothing Like It

On Friday my niece, Lauren turned the big 21 years old. She is David's goddaughter so of course it is a big deal. Watching her grow up has been nothing but enjoyable. My sister-in-law, Pam (Laurens Mom) decided to have a get together to celebrate. You have to know the Mott Family to understand that a "get together" means a full..blown out PARTY. There are over 22 nieces and nephews and 5 siblings that all live close enough to attend. Pam asked if we would come and asked if I would make my mac and cheese. (my Aunt Myrna's recipe that makes me look good) I asked how many people would be there and she casually says..50 to 60 people. I crack up because I have gotten used to these numbers but if you are from a small family it is an overwhelming number, but then again not to a Mott.

My kids just love it when it is a Mott party. They know that mom will let them have pop and lots of junk food. Aunt Pam also makes sure that they have everything that they can't have at home. The nieces and nephews all play with them and treat them like they are all that and a bag of chips. Oh and going to Aunt Pam's is like going to Disney because they have everything that we don't have.

I made the "get ready" announcement to our house at 3:00pm yesterday and upon completing the following tasks we were in our vehicle heading to Shelby Township. It is quite a production to be able to leave the house.

-David Shower
-Eamon and Liam Shower
-Make Mac and Cheese
-Wake Up and Feed Babies
-Dress Triplets in Cute Outfits
-Wrap birthday gifts for Lauren and Maeve
-Pack swimming gear for older kids
-Pack diaper bag and enough bottles
-Braid Mairins Hair and Pick out her clothes
-Leave the house is a condition that I want to come home to

All of this was completed in 55minutes. We were pulling out of the driveway at 3:55pm. Exhausted of course before we even get to the party but I know my second wind would come.

We arrive and the 3 older kids just disappear and the triplets are quickly picked up and distributed amongst party guests. David makes his way around the party while I grab a beer and sit down and just say ahhhhhhhh. Everyone had a great time and we pulled back into our driveway at 11pm with 6 sleeping kids in the Expedition. the time we carried each baby up the stairs to bed and got the older kids to bed I was done for the day. David always goes back downstairs for a snack and some TV but I just dropped into bed and awoke this morning at 6:45am to Colin talking in his crib......


Nicole O'Dell said...

Wow! That's sounds like a fun day but a lot of work!

I can't believe you did all of that in 55 mins! YIKES!


Helene said...

Sounds like you all had so much fun!!! 55 minutes has to be a seriously takes me that long just to get the kids' shoes on and get them buckled in their carseats! You rock!!

If you have a chance, stop by my blog...I'm doing a twins book giveaway!

Danielle Atkinson said...

Sounds like a marathon day! Thanks for the comment. Our kids are actually the exact same age. My girls were also born on December 17, 2008. Your boys are precious! I can't wait to hear more about your family adventures ahead.

Danielle Atkinson said...

My 4 year old step-son was born 5.1.05, so very close again! That combination would make for some great play dates if you ever make to the Florida gulf coast!