Friday, June 5, 2009

Life with Triplets..Twins and A Single Is About To Get Busy...

The last day of school is next Thursday..June 11. To most of you it is no big deal but I have to admit that my life of leisure is about over. Currently I send Eamon and Liam off on the bus at 8:10am and they happily return home at 4:10pm all worn out and ready to chill for a reasonably mild evening. Mairin is gone 3 days a week..all day and 2 days a week ..half days.. You can see that most of my days are just with the triplets...I am able to get online, feed babies, clean up, do all kinds of stuff. Starting next week we are going to have a completely different schedule. There are pros and cons to this summer for me and here they are:

*No homework to monitor everynight
*No bedtime
*Outdoor playtime and lots of popsicles
*Freedom to go places
*No schedules
*Ability to Love on all of them anytime I want

*The dreaded phrase "Im Bored"
*All 6 kids at home..all day..everyday...for 3 months
*No more Heather down time
*New schedule for summer reading and homework
*Outdoor play...dirty dirty kids..lots of laundry
*Lots of $$$$$ for babysitters if we want to go anywhere

I think it will turn out ok ..just a little anxious about my normal routine being a bit different. David has a ton of time off this summer so it will be enjoyable. I have already scheduled a trip to western Michigan for a couple days with the kids and I am going to plan a trip out of Michigan for my husband and I. We will make it a great summer and I just want the older kids to have a good time.

Every year Heidi gives me the best gift that anyone could ever give. She gives David and me a full week of childcare so we can take a trip. Priceless right. Well Heidi is a teacher so we have the summer to make our travel plans. She always questions whether or not it is a cool gift, or if it is enough....I tell her that it is the gift that keeps on giving...I spend the year looking forward to it...I take the trip and have no worries while I am gone...Priceless Priceless Priceless.


Michelle said...

I'm feeling you on the summer struggles! My oldest are teenagers, but man, the I'm bored just kills me!

Wanted to give you a little award:) Please stop by my place to pick it up!

Helene said...

Your friend seriously wonders if giving you and your husband the gift of a week's worth of childcare is a cool gift??!! Tell her she is "Friend of the Year" in my eyes! I don't exactly have friends lining up at my door offering to watch my kids. In fact (and how crazy is this?), I'm always watching my friend's kids and I'm the one with 2 sets of twins, who could really use the break!!! But I'm always saying "what's 2 more kids when I already have 4 to watch?", kwim?

I was having the same kind of anxiety you're having about the kids being out of school. Cole and Bella's last day of preschool was last Thursday. They were only going for 3 hours a day but I treasured that 3 hours with just Garrett and Landon. But I'm finding that I'm starting to look forward to having them home every day. I've got all kinds of fun activities planned and my IL's were nice enough to offer to help with babysitter expenses on the days I want to take C & B somewhere. So yeah, I think the pros will outweigh the cons!

BTW, thank you for your sweet e-mail! I love reading your amaze me with how well you handle your multiple multiples plus one!!!

Dorinda said...

I so agree - I hate the transition! It does have it's plusses - I no longer have to grab the trio out of bed from nap and run to school but still it's those precious hours when the babies nap and the big kids are gone that I just treasure. And now they are gone :(

But we love our big kids and we'll have a good summer anyway right?!

Dorinda said...

And P.S. when you're friend is done watching your kids is she up for more? :) I'd love to steal her.

Kelly said...

That is amazing that your friend gives you a week of childcare! I hope you are planning a great trip!! Have a great summer. It is funny that you think that life with just the triplet home all day is easy. I remember that being pretty tough. ;) I totally agree with your list of pros and cons. I'm not going to miss the homework and all of the commitments, but all day, every day is a lot!! Good luck!