Friday, June 19, 2009

My Triplets Are Turtles-Rolling Over

My triplets are officially turtles now. At night I put them on their stomachs to sleep (I know I am not supposed to..but it works for me) and they roll over onto their backs and they wake up. I think it was at least 3 times last night that I heard a party going on in their room. I went in and they are on their backs just cooing and laughing. I put them back on their stomachs and went back to bed but it cracks me up that they are like turtles and can't roll back over yet. Our tummy time is going to have to begin to include rolling from our backs to our tummies. My little Finn always seems to get his arms thru the bars in the crib..he doesnt cry when he gets stuck but he has the look of fear on his little face.

I am proud to say that we are eating babyfood twice a day now and they are loving food. I am doing mostly vegetables and just barely introducing some fruits. I hate the beginning eating stage. It is nothing but a big mess. I can't wait until they get their pincher fingers ready so that they can keep themselves busy with cherrios.

Today is Mairin's last day of school and the older boys are with Aunt Myrna for a sleepover to celebrate their birthday. The triplets and I are hanging out on this fine cloudy friday.


Helene said...

Oh, I totally remember that stage!! I remember having to get up constantly at night to flip them back over only to be woken up an hour later because they managed to flip back over again!!

Sounds like the solids are going well! I always hated the mess too....oh and those cookies (can't remember now exactly what they were called...biter biscuits or something like that)....all my kids loved them but they made such a gooey sticky mess. I'd usually just strip them down to diapers and then stick them in the bathtub afterwards! Although the messes never really stop, do they? I made the mistake of letting all 4 of mine eat popsicles at the kitchen table today....HUGE mess.

Angela said...

Don't you feel like your life just got busier now that you've started solids? I'm going to make them wait until they're 2 to introduce a solid "lunch"!:) Our kids are the opposite of your turtles. They go from back to tummy and K-bug screams! What do you call that? Happy Birthday to your twins! How fun!