Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Summer Vacation is Approaching Soon

We are beginning to empty out the refrigerator because on Sunday we are out of here and not returning until July 6. We are going to have a fun time and I am looking forward to some time away from the normal routine. On Sunday we are heading up to Stanton to my parents house where we will all spend the night and drop off the triplets. Mom, Dad and Heidi are manning the triplets Monday thru Thursday (god bless my family). Monday morning we are traveling to the west side of the state to Grand Haven for an overnight there. We then head to Michigan Adventure on Tuesday in good old Muskegon. The kids are sooo excited for the waterpark, rooler coasters and junk food. On Tuesday night we go to Silver Lake Sand Dunes for 2 nights before coming back to Stanton. The kids will love the Dunes I am sure. I hope to ride the dunes, lay by the water and go to that place that every kid loves...you know that place where there is golf, bumper boats, go carts.... Thursday we are heading back to my parents house to hang for the full weekend. I think It will be a great time and thank god for Heidi and my parents taking the babies or we really wouldnt be able to do all of this fun stuff for the older kids.

We were even going to camp this year but had a hard time tracking down a pop-up camper. Maybe by next year we can do some camping along the way. I love the idea of trying out different beach towns in our beautiful state of Michigan.

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