Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Successful Surgery For Declan

Another eventful day in the life of triplets...twins and a single. The hair tournacut that Declan had more than 7 weeks ago (I blogged about it way back then) still has not healed. We have been to the pediatric surgeon 3 times and twice they went in with their tweezers. Today we went in for a surgery to remove whatever was in this little toe. The surgery took 10 minutes but of course it took 2.5hrs of prep time and waiting. Declan did great. They took him in and gave him a local. The doctor pulled out something he was sending to pathology to see if it was skin or if it was a "foreign body" The doctor said the piece he pulled out of his toe was like rubber but could very easily be skin. I am supposed to call in a week or so and I can find out.

Can you believe this? I just spent the morning at Beaumont Hospital because my kid got a hair tied around his toe. I have to laugh a bit because they are only 5 months old....oh dear what is ahead of us.

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latosha said...

I hope everything goes ok with him. It was pretty interesting, the day you blogged about the hair, we had a baby girlcome in with the same the thing...pretty crazy if you ask me.