Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We Are The Mott Kids..The Mighty Mighty Mott Kids

Have you heard that song before? I make the kids sing this when we are in the car...going for a walk or just being silly...Just wait until I have 6 kids singing all at once....the full song is

We are the Mott Kids..the mighty mighty Mott Kids..Everywhere we gooo people want to knowww who we we tell them...We are the Mott kids..the mighty mighty Mott kids...

It keeps repeating and the kids love it. Go ahead and replace your last name and start singing.

I wanted to update everyone on the good old hair tourniquet. I posted awhile ago talking about the hair on Declans toe. He went in for surgery about 10 days ago and the pathology report came back to see what was really wrapped around his toe and it was a thread. I was shocked and thankful that we just went for the surgery because there was something in there that was preventing healing. I am guessing it was a thread from the socks he was wearing. Everyone out there take note of the little things that can wrap around a toe and cause 4 pediatric surgeon visits and a surgery. We are all good and healed now.


Helene said...

OMG, we used to sing that song when I was little at summer camp!!! Your kids must look so adorable belting that out!

Poor Declan! You know, our pediatrician warned us about this...he said he the same thing happen to a young patient of his, except it was a piece of hair. I've always been paranoid about it so after baths I'm always checking to make sure there are no hairs from the carpet stuck in between toes nether regions (on the boys)!

Jennifer T. said...

How cute!

Glad that Declan is fixed up nuts.

You have an award waiting on my blog! Have a great day! =)

Marcia said...

A thread!!! No wonder they had to cut it out... We used to sing that in the car on our adventures--it made them feel so special!!

The Gibbons Family said...

I stumbled across your blog and happened to read about your thread incident. We had a similar incident happen with one of our triplets, only it was a hair. When I told people about it they were shocked and didn't know to ever look for something like that. Luckily we were able to get the hair off, but for three or four days I was sick thinking that maybe I didn't get it all. It left such a mark on her toe.

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