Monday, July 27, 2009

Holy Crap....We Took 6 Kids Everywhere This Weekend

TGIM!!!! Thank god it is Monday. We had such a busy weekend that Monday feels like a breath of fresh air. We started off the weekend with a 4 hour beach playdate for the older 3 with Dana...Thanks Dana so much for allowing me to do a dropoff. When David got home from work we had our "Junk Food Friday" tradition of Pizza and Breadsticks and then we headed to the beach.

Note: We have beach access 1 mile away from the house where there is sand, bathrooms, picnic tables, play structures, boats, toys, trampolines etc....My husband is now the treasurer of the association so we have become more active this summer. It is a great place to hang out where the kids have a ton of fun and we are able to enjoy without paying lakefront property taxes.

We arrived at the beach at 7pm and slowly unloaded all six kids and as the 3 older kids were jumping in the water we were being greeted by all of the curious people asking "Are Those Triplets". We made our way to our beach chairs and David made a drink for himself...a little glass of wine and I proceeded with a cocktail myself. The babies enjoyed the breeze and sat very content. The longer we sat, the more people arrived and we said our hello's as the kids continued to play in the water. The babies ended up on a blanket playing quietly. I looked at David and said "hummmm life is good, we should do this more often". We ended up packing up the crew around 10pm. No temper tantrums, no tears and no sand in the eyes.

Saturday we got up and did our morning routines and we were packed and ready to leave again at 2pm. I packed enough bottles and stuff to last us the rest of the day since you never know what will happen. We had a gradution party in Capac (about an hour away). We made the trip and arrived just in time for all of the festivities. The older kids disappeared into the bounce houses, filled up on slushies, had several cokes and made new friends. David and I stayed with the babies and fielded all of the common questions that come when you show up with triplets.

We ate, conversed, enjoyed and packed back up at 7pm to head back home. On our way home we got a call from a friend at the beach saying there was a party at the included. David and I looked at each other and said "what the heck..lets go" we had an hour drive so it was a good nap for the triplets. We decided to swing home to grab some beverages, towels and swim suits. Arriving at the beach at 8pm we were just in time for plenty of conversation, swimming and smores. The babies were just great. As long as I bring a blanket for them to get on and stretch they are awesome. The older kids are always happy to be at the beach. By 11pm the bugs were getting to us and we loaded up everyone to go home and get to bed. I love it when we are gone all day and everyone is tired so everyone walks in the door and goes directly up to bed. No fights, no arguments..just up to bed. Everyone slept until 9:30am and we still were not done with our weekend.

We went to church at 11am while Aunt Myrna watched the triplets and then I sent David to Sam's Club for our stock in Diapers, Formula and Wipes. I have learned it is good to send the husband out for stuff like that so they really see how much everything costs. At 4pm we had 3 other families from our neighborhood over for some work on our sledding hill. I know it seems early but we are getting it ready for when winter comes. It needed some serious grooming and leveling to be good this year.
another note: our backyard has some woods with a large hill and we have dropped some trees to make a sledding run. It is steep enough that it required stairs and it requires that we keep the kids inside of the track in order to keep accidents to a minimum. We have used it for several years and now that we are using it so often we are finding ourselves wanting to make it better each year.
The dads all pitched in worked for a couple of hours and I barbequed for everyone after the work was done. 18 burgers, 6 brats and 18 hot dogs got eaten pretty fast and everyone was sitting fat and happy. We had 13 kids running, playing and having as much fun as the adults were. Many left by 10pm and the last guest parted at 11pm. We cleaned up and headed up to bed by midnight....We were laying in bed and David says "See we are not stopping our life just because we have triplets" ......Like I said ....Holy Crap What A Weekend.


Laura said...

Kudos! Way to fit the babies into your schedule and not the other way around. I wish we had your yard and neighborhood, how much fun to have a lake AND sledding hill!

Krista said...

Sounds like a great weekend! How lucky you are to live so close to a beach.

Angela said...

What an awesome weekend! Great job, Babies!!! So glad you can post about these time!

Nicole O'Dell said...

"I looked at David and said "hummmm life is good, we should do this more often". We ended up packing up the crew around 10pm. No temper tantrums, no tears and no sand in the eyes."

My hero. :)

Helene said...

Wow, your husband has such an awesome attitude about everything. My husband always gives me a million and one reasons why things will never work out well.

I love what Laura said about you fitting the babies into your schedule and not the other way around. We were so anal about sticking to our schedule all the time that we never had any fun. I wish we had been more easy going, realizing that the kids would survive a late night out or a spontaneous outing with friends.

I'm glad you all had a great weekend!!