Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michigan Adventure, Sand Dunes, Lighthouses, Michigan Beach Towns, Summer Vacation

It has been a long week but a good one. We set out on Sunday to my parents house to drop off the triplets with Grandma and Grandpa and Heidi. The 3 older kids, David and I headed to the west side of Michigan to visit and enjoy some beach towns.

We started off in Holland, Michigan where we tooled around and enjoyed the views of the water and the marina. We headed north to Grand Haven where we checked into our hotel and drove down to the beach so the kids to swim. The weather was not that great, probably mid 60's for the entire week, but we had fun. The kids swam in Lake Michigan for several hours. The red flags were up to warn people of the rough waters but it provided some huge waves so David and I took turns playing in the waves with them. When we got back to our hotel we spent the evening at the pool. The kids were wiped out for day 1.

The next day we got up and headed north to Muskegon where the famous "Michigan Adventure" is. The weather was 61 degrees so they did not open up the waterpark and although the kids were bummed we did luck out with being one of the few people even at the park. There were no lines anywhere. We parked in the 4th parking spot outside the park entrance. We spent 7 hours riding every roller coaster and ride that the kids were big enough to go on. We left Muskegon in time to arrive at Silver Lake Sand Dunes by 8pm. The kids again got into their suits and we headed to the pool. It just so happened that Erin Lucas and her kids were vacationing in Silver Lake along with Mike and Sally Shaffer and their kids. We hung out and enjoyed the evening even though the weather was not much about 60 degrees. The kids slept in so good each morning that it really took us awhile to get going.

Wednesday we decided to take a day trip to Pentwater and Ludington and went and toured a lighthouse. We rounded out the day by taking our vehicle (Ford Expedition XL) to the top of the sand dunes and went off roading for the evening. We had to buy the ORV pass, purchase and put on the 10 foot tall bright orange flag and obtain a state park day pass. David was completely digging the off roading stuff. Thursday we headed back to Stanton to spend the weekend with the entire family at Derby Lake (the lake I grew up on). I don't ever remember the weather being this bad but the kids didnt seem to mind a bit.


Lani said...

Sounds like fun! Did you get any good photos of the lighthouse- I'd love to see those!

Katie said...

I was just trying to ask google a question about one of the light houses we just visited in Michigan as I am "cyberscrapping" our family vacation and your blog was the first link up! So I just wanted to say hi, kind of funny, sounds like you took the same family vacation as us a week earlier!
What precious babies you have! Take care!