Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Break With Triplets, Twins and A Single. How We Do It.

Mondays are my free day to have a playdate, hang around the house, recover from the weekend and do whatever. Tuesday is the day that Marcia comes.

Marcia is a retired kindergarten teacher who is a dear friend of my Aunt Myrna. She has been coming since Mairin was 3 months old. I used to work outside of the home and I had Marcia come on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I would go off and do my mortgages and real estate and Marcia would man the house and play with kids. She is amazing and would take the kids to the library every week, read to them, play with them, teach them new things and best of my laundry. Now that I am not working out of the house I dont get to have her as much but I still get her.

Tuesday is usual a day when I run my errands, possibly hit a grocery store, plan a doctor appointment or whatever else is needed to be done. Wednesday is another free day. Sometimes we head over to a local lake where there is a beach that our friends are members of. They call it "beach buddies" and it is a bunch of mom's that sit and chat while the kids burn off energy swimming, playing in the sand or swinging. Thursday is my sister, Heidi's day. The kids have swimming lessons at 9:30am so either Heidi or I will take them and then at 11am I will take the older kids to our beach for an afternoon of sun and fun. We meet up with several other mom's that I have gotten to know and whose kids are friends with Eamon and Liam or Mairin. We all bring snacks and the kids play and run and do everything but say "Mom, I'm Bored". I think it is my favorite day because I am not worrying about the babies so I am able to have some solid girl chat. We break by 3pm or so and then head back and let Heidi go. Friday is another day of fun but can vary every week. Often by Friday Heidi is taking some of the kids up north to my parents house, swimming at Aunt Myrna's pool or just hanging out. Fridays are always Junk Food Fridays so we end up ordering a pizza for dinner. Saturdays can be many games during the season or baseball games. The summer requires nothing so we get moving slow on Saturdays. Sunday mornings we go to church at 11am. Religious school is out for the summer so we go to mass and the kids all sit with us...only the 3 older ones. My Aunt Myrna has volunteered to come to my house every Sunday so we can go to church with just the older 3 kids. It makes it so much nicer not worrying if Colin is going to have a moment during the homily. Sunday is usually a day when I hit Sam's Club or maybe a Kroger run.

I want to also let you know that my husband gives me Thursday night to do something I want to do. He gets home from work and lets me go out with a friend or do whatever makes me happy and keeps me sane. So many people ask how we do it and above is how we do it. We manage to keep a schedule and keep everyone happy. It just so happens that David took Eamon and Liam out to a Tigers Game tonight and I am home with the triplets, Mairin and the little neighbor girl, Morgan. It is a divide and conquer summer. We are often going different directions and as they all get older it will make it easier to do more things all together.

I hate to bore you with the details but that is the extent of what my weeks look like in the summer.

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Helene said...

Okay, how quickly can you get Marcia on a plane to hang with my kids for awhile? She sounds like an angel sent directly from God!!

It definitely sounds like you're all having a relaxing and fun summer, which is the way it should be!! I feel bad that I'm actually counting down the days until Cole and Bella start kindergarten. It's been a very very very long summer around here!!