Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Summer Vacation To Remember-Twins and a Single

. The lighthouse in Ludington is where we spent one of our days. We were able to go inside of it and climb to the top and look out. The kids loved it but I was a bit uneasy of the narrow and steep climb that was required.
Michigan Adventure was heaven for Eamon and Liam. They are standing outside of their favorite roller coaster "Zacks Zoomer". We spent 7 hours there and there were no lines anywhere. I am sure we rode every single ride at least 6 times. We definately got our money's worth going during the week.

Even though the weather was not perfect David spent the afternoon swimming with the boys in Grand Haven. The waves were bigger than I had ever seen and was lots of fun.

Our trip ended at Silver Lake Sand Dunes and David decided that our Ford Expedition would enjoy climbing some dunes. We bought our flag, purchased our passes, buckled the kids in and off we went. There were only a couple dunes that we did not make all the way up. We had to give up and then slide down the hill backwards, but fun was had by all. I think David had the most fun challenging our vehicle to see what it would do. I was, of course afraid of tipping over but I realize now that it is tough to actually tip over.


Lani said...

Lovely photos!
And no- the food coloring didn't rub off on their hands- but I only used one drop for the whole batch. I was surprised how neat it really was! Hardly any mess at all!

BoufMom9 said...

beautiful photos!
That looks like a gorgeous place to vacation!

Myrna said...

What a great vacation. I know you all had a good time even though the weather was not great! I love the pictures.

Marcia said...

Great pictures!!The kids look happy and so do You and David!