Monday, July 20, 2009

Triplets, Twins and A Single At A Parade-Farmington Founders Parade

Well lets take all 6 kids to a parade. On Saturday Heidi and I decided we were going to take the kids to the parade in downtown Farmington. I had to get up and get myself completely put together and then I began waking the troops. We had to leave the house by 8:30am in order to park and get our spots all ready before the fun began. The packing up was rather uneventful. We arrived and parked and began unloading. I brought my quad stroller so let me tell was an attention grabber. I did alot of smiling and alot of ..."Oh I know I am blessed...and Oh yes I have a busy life". I parked the stroller at the curb, laid out 2 big blankets and let the big kids claim their spot on the curb in hopes of collecting lots of candy and "junk" that parade participants pass out. Heidi even remembered to bring each of them their own bag to put their "shit" in.

Did I mention that we met up with some friends, Lynn and Ale, Laura, Lilly and Vinnie. The parade is half over when we see the sign for "Tri-County Moms of Multiples". My friend Ale tells me "Heather, you are going to regret coming here with me" and after he completes that sentence he cups his hands around his mouth and shouts "We have triplets over here". I forgot to mention that when this multiples group was approaching in the parade there was a guy with a microphone asking for people with twins..cause he was handing out free diapers. When Ale yelled at him, the guy immediately started his banter over his loud longer were we blending in the crowd. "Oh did I hear a set of triplets over here"? he says. As he walks over. "Oh triplets and twins, folks we have a winner over here". He kept talking with all of the typical triplet jokes, "I bet you have your hands full", "wow you have baseball team" ho ho ho ha ha ha. People crack me up with these I haven't heard them all before.

As soon as the parade ended we took a walk around all of the carnival like sites to see at a typical downtown fair. The older kids got cotton candy and the babies got a ton of attention. We returned to our car at 1:30pm and ended up with 6 empty bottles, 2 wet diapers and 1 poopy diaper, 2 30 minute snoozes and 1 45 minute snooze. Fun was had by all and I think we will venture out again soon.


Heidi Hockstra said...

This was a lot fun! I am glad you decided to come with the triplets!

Jen said...

sounds like a fun outing, alot of work but fun.

Laurie said...

Found your blog through another, we live in Grand Haven so it was fun to see you just had a vacation here! You have a beautiful family.