Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Unpacking 6 Kids and 7 Days Worth Of Stuff

The 4th of July turned out to be a great day after all. The weather was not that great but we had a lake association picnic, boat parade and good old fireworks at night. The babies slept thru all the bangs of the night.

We came home on Sunday night and since then we have been unpacking and settling back into a routine that I had almost forgotten about. I have been busy putting things away and getting everything the way I like it. David is home all week so that has been a huge help. The kids have adjusted to being back home just fine and I have not heard the "Mom, Im bored" yet. The babies all jumped right back into the same sleeping routine and they are enjoying being back to all of their toys, saucers and jumping seats. The biggest challenge right now is feeding them more than once a day. It is a time consuming job to feed them real food. We are also practicing sitting up and rolling from our backs to our stomachs. They can roll from stomachs to back no problem but the other way is not quite as comfortable.

We just arrived home from a barbeque with the Motts. We were at Kathleens house and let me tell you..it is great going to these parties because from the moment we arrive the kids are completely entertained by their wonderful cousins. We arrived at 6pm and literally I saw the older kids when it was time to eat and then at 10:30 when it was time to pack up and get home. The babies were also passed around as well. Another evening..another day..life is good

This week will be a breeze and then we are back to reality on Monday when David goes back to work and the schedule returns. I will be posting some vacation pictures very soon so stay tuned.

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Helene said...

Sounds like you all had a great time!!! Sometimes I wonder if my husband being off work is any help at all because it spoils me a little bit. Then he goes back to work and I'm on my own again during the day with the kids...it's hard to get used to doing it by myself again after having an extra pair of hands helping me for a few days!!