Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why The Kids Love Grandma And Grandpa's House

Every year on the 4th of July, Derby Lake holds their holiday weekend festivities. Growing up on this lake I have spent every summer there and still do today. I remember as a kid decorating our boats for the boat parade in hopes of winning 1st place. I can't tell you how many themes we have done throughout the years, but until 2 years ago we took time off and did not participate. Now that the kids are getting into the excitement we decided to decorate this year. My dad got really into it and the kids thought that "Grandpa" was very cool. We had everyone bring their Halloween gear to the lake this year and went with the "Halloween In July" theme. This way all the kids could also dress up in their halloween costumes. My dad went as dracula (the main attraction) David was from Scream, I was a witch, Aunt Sue was a witch, Uncle Ray was a cowboy and the kids were Super woman, Race car driver and a Super Power Hero. The scary music played as we trolled around Derby Lake, waving and yelling "happy halloween". Now we are on the hunt for next year's theme.
We shop garage sales all year long to pick up any and all items needed to make it a great success. Our banners are merely salvation army sheets with poster paint on them. Such a great way to have inexpensive fun.

Grandpa decided that the boys needed a go-cart. He came across this on Craig's list and had it ready for Eamon and Liam when we arrived up north. He took his tractor into woods and made lots of trails for them to ride. This go-cart is quite the machine. He is a 2 seater, electic start and I am not sure if David likes it just as much as the kids do. Grandpa realized quickly that the boys could not reach the gas very easily so he added some blocks to the gas and break pedal so that the boys could have complete control of the machine as they grow into this. I took a ride in it and wow is it ever a bumpy ride but the thing goes up to 35 miles and hour......we notched the speed down while the kids were driving.


Anonymous said...

I think everyone loves Grandma and Grandpa's house - not just the kids. I can certainly see that a lot of fun was had by the kids and the adults. I know Grandma and Grandpa look forward to your visits!

Myrna said...

Anonymous was me - Myrna

Helene said...

It looks like you all had such a good time! I wish my family was fun like that! Actually, I wish my kids just had grandparents who liked having them around as much yours do!! Do you think they'd adopt me and my family?? :-)