Friday, July 24, 2009

Why Life Is Tough With Infant Triplets, 7 Year Old Twins and a 4 Year Old Girl.

Life for the most part is pretty straight forward but it is certain things that make life with multiple multiples tough. I constantly hear "I don't know how you do it" but I must say that somedays I don't do it.
Here is what I consider to be the top 10... toughest things about my life with kids at the age that they are at now.

(disclaimer...I am not complaining and I am not blaming anyone out there for me having 6 kids. I am crazy about my kids and I realize that I chose to have each and every one of them, but day to day activities are tougher with lots of kids so all I am doing is explaining what is tough for me. I am in no way asking for sympathy or pitty...maybe a laugh or two...)

1. Trying to go anywhere without another adult. I am very independant and after having the triplets I have found that I need to plan a bit better since it is not as easy to run errands, grocery shop or even leave the house with just me and all of the kids.

2. Keeping the Kitchen Clean-I feel like a slave to the kitchen. The older kids want to eat constantly and the babies have started eating baby food so with all of this I am constantly cleaning up and emptying the dishwasher.

3. Keeping Up With Grocery Shopping/Diapers & Formula- I need to get a frequent shopper card for Sam's Club. I feel like Sam's is my new best friend. The formula and diapers constantly need refilling and cereal...can you say...nearly a box a day. Every morning Eamon, Liam, Mairin and David all dive into the box of cereal and it never seems to last as long as I think it will. I know my grocery bill is only begun to grow but it seems to be a constant battle.

4. Flexibility - I used to love being able to jump in the car with the kids and go to the library, beach, water parks or do whatever we wanted to and really have no time to be home. Currently we are unable to just jump and go. It is hard to look out the window and the sun is shining but I have 3 babies sleeping and we are really tied to the house. I know by next summer we can go again to a certain degree but the first years are always the toughest with diapers, bottles and naps.

5. Getting Things Done- I hate it when the day goes by and I have not gotten any "projects" done. Many days I am just lucky to stay ahead of the curve. Catch the babies before they fall, feed them before they lose their cool, nap them before they are over tired, clean up to be ready for the next installment of tummy time or sit up time, make sure and have enough bottles done up ahead. Make sure Eamon and Liam are doing their summer homework and reading, keeping them busy so I don't hear my least favorite phrase "mom Im bored".

6. Loading and Unloading- There are the occasions that I am fired up to go somewhere or that we have somewhere to go and I always seem to forget what goes into being able to leave the house with all 8 of us. The babies are heavy, the carseats are heavy and we need to take so much stuff with us. Thank god the older kids can get into their own seats and buckle themselves.

7. Going To The Beach- We have beach access down the road from us and as much as I want to be able to live down there on hot days..I am limited due to babies. I love my Thursdays when I get to go down there and hang with the ladies while the kids play.

8. Getting and Paying For A Sitter For Only Half Of My Kids-Laugh if you like but when you think about getting a babysitter you often expect to have "quiet time" well at this stage I get a sitter for the babies and take the older ones with me. I know this will change but rarely do I have a sitter for all 6. I do have some great sitters out there that can handle all 6 but it just seems like if we want to do what 7 year olds want to do ...than we get a sitter for the babies.

9. Mornings-I think mornings are tough because everyone wants mom. The older ones are hungry, they rarely pick out clothes that match so I am running upstairs changing outfits..(please note that during school we lay the clothes out the night before..I am a bit lazy in the summer). Mairin needs her hair brushed and done, I need to make coffee and ohhhh the babies are hungry and usually stink too. It seems to be a big combustion of chaos for the first 30 minutes of everyone being awake.

10. Making Multiple Trips- I hate and I mean I hate how many times I have to go up and down my stairs to put babies to bed, get them up, check on them. I hate that I can't carry all of them up or down the stairs to save a trip. I hate having to come back and get another. The twins were perfect as I would grab one under each arm and away we go. It becomes tiring and frustrating going up and down and now I wonder how cool life would be if I lived in a ranch.

Gosh is that 10...I think I have like 10 more but that is enough for now. It is fun putting these to print as I catch myself laughing in between just thinking about situations or things that have happened during some of my Top 10's.


Dorinda said...

Oh I totally remember those days! I still feel trapped quite often even now that the triplets are 2 1/2. They are into everything and although they can follow me pretty well it still turns into quite a scene when I'm trying to corral all 5 of them by myself. So, unfortunately, I still have that stuck-at-home feeling.

Just want to say I know how you feel! And want to be sure you're using coupons for your food - I usually don't pay more then $1.00 for a box of cereal :)

Formula's another matter and mostly I'm just grateful that we're done with that! Sorry!

Nicole O'Dell said...

LOL great list! :)

MamaOtwins+1 said...

OH - I just found your blog - and you are my fear. We have 7 year old twins and a 2 year old single, but my mother in law keeps saying we will have 3 next.
Ok - so even if I got preggo with 3, I'd still love them the same, and probably have all the same issues you do. It was good to read your blog and be able to relate to some of it. And it's always good for a laugh.