Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Day Without Kids...Kids Having As Much Fun As Mom and Dad???

David and I have been just having a great time. We spent yesterday doing some shopping at the local markets and still looking around and noticing all of the things to do. We found ourselves a spot by the pool around 11am and ended up flopping until 7pm. David read (did some editing too) and listened to his ipod and would stop often just to take in the view. I spent the afternoon with a 30 sun block on, laying in the shade and taking a swim often to cool off. I did some reading and listening to music.

We packed up and headed back to our room to get ready for dinner and ended up at a place called 'The Crazy Lobster". David enjoyed having several people come and seranade us with favorite mexican songs...I finally had to tell him ..Enough. In Mexico if you show interest in anything it is like leaving syrup on the floor for the ants...They come out of everywhere and swarm the target. "Gringos...with money to spend" is what they really say. This is also true on the beach, on the streets and everywhere you go.

I got another update from my sister Heidi and I just had to post it since I could not rewrite this any better. This is Heidi in an emaili to me about how yesterday went with all of the kids and my mom and dad.

Today was an eventful day. Grandpa spent a good part of the day getting ready to camp with the boys. (Grandpa made a campsite deep in the woods behind the house I grew up in with a private lake, old camper, firepit and outhouse. All the makings to a great camping experience with 7 year old boys)
This is the best part. Mom and I thought we would be brave and take the trips and Mairin to Grand Rapids. Mom had to return one of the two dresses she got for the wedding. We left here at about 1:15 with bottles, extra clothes, and diapers. You should have seen Mom and I getting everyone ready to go. The trip to GR was great. The babies did not make a peep the entire way there. Mom ran in and made her return...then the fun began! Mom asked me if Colin, Declan and Fintan liked to get out and shop. I had to think a minute..and told Mom that I was not sure they had ever been shopping let alone in Sams Club. Afterall...totally not something you would be a fan of doing. For fear there might be a scene. We arrived at Sams and got everyone loaded in the stroller (thank goodness I left the triple car seat stroller in the car for this trip). I told mom to be prepared for lots of comments and attention. Heather, no joke, there was hardly a person that walked by us that did not make some kind of comment. I think I finally understand what you mean about the overwhelming attention. I could not believe it. I know people were wondering why in the world anyone would bring triplets to Sams...but we did and it was a great experience. They were again, very good and loved looking around at everything. C, D, and F have officially had their first Sams club outing and will be requesting to accompany you from here on out. Mairin was a real trooper too. She was so good and helpful. A long trip in the car is not complete without a drive thru stop at Burger King. Mairin got her cheeseburger. I think you must not let her open up her cup and eat the ice because she asked me if she could pretty please do this. I, of course, told her yes! Aunts let you do those harmless kinds of things that Moms won't!
We got home around 5:30 just in time to put the kids out on the beach blanket in the back yard so Laura and Fran could come play with them. They were 3 tired boys tonight. Mairin just went into town with Mom to get a few things. I am sitting here in peace! You are probably wondering to yourself about if the boys are still on their schedule. They all slept through the night last night and woke up at 7:45 for a bottle. By 9:45 they were getting another bottle and ready to go down. By 10:15 all were in bed for their nap and slept until about 12:30 or so. They snoozed on and off in the car for their second nap and were fine tonight. In bed by 8. I cannot believe how well they sleep up here in a new place. It is most impressive.
The boys and Grandpa were here finalizing all of their goods for the camping trip when we returned. The boys were higher than excited! They headed back with plans of fishing, cooking dinner over the fire, having campfire, cooking breakfast etc. Dad is excited and has really spent a lot of time with them today.

That is about it for today....enjoy your last day of July! We officially ended July as the coldest on record. Weather is looking up a bit in the future.

Keep having fun!


Can you see why I am in such peace on my trip? Everything and I mean everything is being handled and I can sit back and enjoy. Heidi I think you can start a blog now and everyone out is good.


Myrna said...

I think the kids are having fun - maybe not as much as Mom and Dad, but lots of fun! I am so glad you and David are having this time away. It is well deserved and probably needed. I have chuckled over Heidi's email. I think she is the one that is the real trooper! Eat, drink, and be merry with your husband -

Neva Campbell said...

Love this story. And laughed out loud at putting an end to the singing in the restaurant. We have been there, done that. My husband and I were always swarmed by adorable little kids asking for one peso for a pack of chiclets. I couldn't resist

Helene said...

Wait...did I miss something? You're in Cabo??!! And you didn't sneak me in your suitcase?? But then again, I'm not sure your hubby would've appreciated that.

Sounds like you all are having a wonderfully relaxing vacation! And sounds like the kids are doing's amazing how we worry so much about them and they're off having a great time!!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!