Monday, August 31, 2009

A Great Sunday Full Of Family Time

I had a great day yesterday. We all went to church yesterday at 11am while Aunt Myrna watched the babies and cleaned my house. I want to stop and talk about Aunt Myrna for a minute....she deserves much more than a minute but for now I want everyone to know what she has been doing.
Myrna (my mom's sister) has always been the awesome aunt to both my sister and I. She has continued her awesomeness towards all of my kids. Many of you all know that Myrna is a retired teacher, administrator and now a teacher at a University (Eamon would say she is the smartest person ever). She comes over and spends 30 minutes with each kid teaching reading, writing or whatever the kids are struggling with at the time. This summer we have focused mostly on reading. She arrived yesterday with a bag full of goodies. Each of the boys were given a "classic" book to start reading. They are to read everyday and at the end of 7 days and upon completion of 7 chapters they would each get some baseball cards to add to their collection. She even had a task for Mairin. Mairin is to write and learn her letters and she can get a new pair of high heel shoes. You may think...hummmm treats for reading..well it is a way to get the interest started. These are big books "The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn" and "RobinHood". Aunt Myrna is truly amazing and helps me to come up with things that will make Eamon and Liam enjoy school and hopefully have a love of reading. The generosity of her time is overwhelming to me and her kindness and thoughtfulness makes me ask myself if I am as good of a person as she is. All of my children benefit from having Aunt Myrna living so close.

Now back to the story of my great Sunday. After church we came home, picked up the babies and packed up enough stuff to last us a full day away if needed. All 8 of us were loaded in the car by 12:30 and our first stop had to be for a cup of coffee. We didn't know where we were going to go but as long as we were together it didnt really matter. We began our trip with a car ride through the winding streets of Birmingham and surrounding area. We ended up in downtown Birmingham at Booth Park. We unloaded and headed to the park for some fun. The kids went crazy. They found what they wanted to do immediately and before we knew it the sweat was dripping down the sides of all of their faces. I kept the trips in the stroller as long as I could and then I found a place to lay out a blanket so they could stretch their legs. Now that I have 2 crawlers it is tough keeping them on the blanket. I stood there and smiled as people stopped and starred and I kept grabbing a kid and re-positioning back on the blanket.
We decided to pack up and go for a walk so we headed down a wooded trail for a stroll. I had Mairin on my shoulders, the boys were way ahead enjoying an adventure and David was pushing the stroller. The trail winded thru a wooded area running parallel to a small stream. We came to a dead end so we turned back and headed downtown for some food or drink. We came to an ice cream shop and decided that was lunch. We all got a scoop and parked the stroller on the sidewalk so everyone could stop and make fun comments while we ate. We returned back to the park for another period of play while 2 babies snoozed and 1 baby gazed at all the action.

It was time to pack up and head home. We all had a quiet ride home and a stroll thru some more neighborhoods before we pulled into our driveway around 6pm. A great afternoon for all of us. I think we all returned feeling like we took advantage of such a nice, sunny day.


christy said...

How did we miss you??!! We were there then!

Anonymous said...

You truely do have an amazing special Aunt. She has always been wonderful to you girls and now to your children. How special. And now your children have another special Aunt in Heidi. Can't get any better than that.

Jen said...

That is awesome. What a great day!