Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Twins and Chores and Our Last Night

Tonight is our last night here in Cabo..probably the last vacation for awhile..at least until Heidi is off next summer. The time has gone fast and I am thrilled to have gotten away. I am even more thrilled that my kids are not missing us yet. It always makes you feel better when everything is running well at home. We will be pulling into our home tomorrow around midnight. David thinks we need to wake everyone...I say not.

My friends are laughing at me for taking my computer and for "staying connected". What everyone out there doesnt understand is that I love to play on the computer and surf the net. I never ...ever have this amount of uninterrupted time to play. It has been so fun to just check out sites..update things and shop for the past 7 days with no interruptions..well David interrupts me but ..he always does. I don't have to get him milk or cook for him....

The sun is so stinking hot and strong here that I coat on my 30 block and head out to find a chair with an umbrella. I have read every magazine out there and I have even completed a book.."The Shack"...Great book by the way. We head down to the beach to do some good people watching and happy hour starts at 4pm. Life is good and oh by the way we are 2 hours behind you so understand when you see some of these time stamps...I am currently in the room getting ready to go out while David is poolside reading and drinking Margaritas........

I talked to Heidi today and all is well at home. The boys went to the beach with some friends, Mairin had a friend over, the babies are happy as ever. I left chore sheets for the kids to start while I was away. These are just sheets that list household chores to do and when they are completed they get a star and then they work towards a treat. The boys are working towards baseball cards and I am sure Mairin wants more high heel shoes. To get a star you need to do any of the following: clean your room, make your bed, brush your teeth, clean up the basement, read for 20 minutes, complete some summer homework. You can get a star for every thing you complete. I let them put their own stars on the sheets and they get really fired up. I will probably make sure they have 10 or 15 stars before I go out and get a treat. This works for awhile and then after a month or 2 they get bored with it so we put it away and bring it out in a couple months.

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Helene said...

I'm still so envious that you all got to get away for a few days!! I cannot imagine what it would be like to have unlimited time online or just to read a book!!

I'm glad you got away and you enjoyed your time! Great idea for the chores!