Monday, August 3, 2009

People Watching and Thinkin About The Kids

The vacation is not over but is coming down to the final stretch. It is Monday morning and we leave our hotel at 11am on Wednesday. Wow have we had fun. Yesterday we laid in bed until noon, headed to the pool and read our books and drank until 7:30pm. At 8pm we headed down to the marina for some drinks and conversation and home by midnight. No schedule

I am such a people watcher that I have been very entertained. When you wear your sunglasses it is almost like you can stare at people and they have no idea. I watch people and try to guess: Where they are from? Are they happy? Are they strict with their kids? Do they go to the gym everyday? What do they do for a living? I find myself looking at some families with older kids and imagining David and I and what our family will look like when our kids get older. Will we take them to a place like this when the twins are 17, Mairin 15 and the Trips 11?

David and I have gone kid by kid and talked about each one of their characteristics. David will say "What do you like best about Eamon? then Liam etc...." "What will Mairin be when she grows up"? We caught ourselves just laughing as we thought about some funny moments with the kids. It is so fun to dream about what the future holds.


Heidi Hockstra said...

It sure does not seem like 6 days have passed. I am amazed how fast this is going! Enjoy the last full day tomorrow...remember, as much as you miss the kids, they are fine and you will not get this opportunity again for awhile.

Lani said...

That sounds like an AWESOME vacation you are having! Hope you enjoy every second! (I'm sure you did!)

M said...

I just came across your blog and will now be reading a lot of it. WoW ... I thought I was busy. Have a great vacation. Oh ... and why didn't you name your blog "Applesauce"??

M said...
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Myrna said...

I got to see the kids yesterday and you have got a wonderful bunch waiting for you at home. I do not know what your secret is, but you have the sweetest children I think I have ever known. The babies are changing quickly and will not be "babies" for long.
Be safe and have fun for the remainder of your getaway. You don't need to worry about a thing - Heidi is doing a wonderful job.