Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Week Of School

Here is my family. My mom and dad and the infamous, Heidi. I just had to post this because I really can't believe I have 3 babies sitting and not crawling away. We really had a good day doing this shoot.

The first week of school is complete and I am tired. I like the schedule but I forgot how demanding it is at those "important times" . Don't call or try to talk to me between 7:30am and 8:30am and if you call me at 4:15pm till 6:30pm I might bite your head off (haha). Those seem to be my busy times. The babies are getting up between 7 and 7:30am so although it adds to my chaos they go back down for a nap by 9:30am so that is worth it. It gives me that morning time to regroup, put my thoughts together and clean up all of the breakfast mess. They get up around 11:30 and we play, eat and make a mess until 2:30 or so. Down for the afternoon nap and let the chaos begin at 4:10 when the boys get off the bus and the babies wake up. Everyone is hungry, book bags thrown everywhere, all I hear. I think the worst part of this stay at home mom thing is that I need to start thinking about dinner in the morning in order to be ready for the mess comin in the door. I make it a point to cook every night because it seems to be our family time and the best way to get everyone in the same place and talking about the day. The kids look forward to dinner time and we try to make it fun. I put the babies in their seats and they seem to just like being in the same room as we are.

Mairin starts her pre-school on Monday. She goes everyday for 3 hours a day. I think Mairin is really the one who is ready to go to school. She really gets bored being home with me all day long. She is also in swim lessons with her friend Morgan. We are going to see if they can be good for each other and push each other with a little friendly competition in the pool.

Eamon and Liam started hockey this week. Yep we took the dive and enrolled them into hockey. I do not want to be a travel hockey mom but we are trying it out for this year and see how they like it. I really think this all came about because Eamon is so darn determined to be a great hockey player. The kid will spend hours outside on the ice skating and playing hockey and in the summer he puts on his roller blades and plays hockey on the driveway. Liam loves hockey as well but not as much as Eamon. They will have practice or games 3 times a week...ouch. gr

The babies are growing and 2 of the trips are crawling everywhere. We had to lower the cribs and get the baby gates out. I think my life is only started to get tougher. They are also eating more..which reminds me that I need to get to the store to get some more things for them to eat. They are really fun and their personalities are really coming out. I think this will be a rough winter with 3 babies stuck inside ...learning to walk..lots of bumps and tears...swine flu going around...I am ready for the challange...bring it on.

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