Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It Can Make Mom's Nervous Too

We all worry how our kids will do on the first day of school and now that we have completed a week of school I was laughing to myself as I was leaving Mairin's preschool dropoff this morning.
I wonder how many moms out there get a little nervous on the first day. Nervous for different reasons. I want to know if anyone gets nervous on the first day of school because of not knowing anyone. I will admit that the first day of school I am going to make sure I look half way decent and I am just as curious as the kids are as to who is in their classes. If they don't know anyone than that means I won't know anyone either. This year was one of those years. Eamon and Liam are in a class of mostly kids I don't even recognize. There are a couple of kids that I remember from pre-school but yep I am starting over making "new mom friends". (It is soo hard to do this when you have triplets at home and you just can't be at the school as much as some mom's are...or even volunteer as much as some do) Mairin's pre-school class is the same way. I know only 2 people in her class so I am trying to be on my best behavior and look nice until I meet some people and get comfortable again.

I laugh because it takes me right back to middle school when you didn't know anyone and is that lady over there nice? Should I say hi first? Maybe I should introduce myself? That is so dumb..I hate the outfit I have on...She is so done up, I knew I should have worn something else...I wonder what they think of me. I know there are moms out there right now that have gone thru this and hopefully are laughing right now.

I have made some really great friends out of the parents of the kids that my kids hang with. Many of our evening outtings are with different parents. I told my husband that I would have never imagined making so many more friends when our kids started school.

I am enjoying meeting new parents and first days of school can be hard for a mom too.


Molly Spencer said...

Heather, I'm glad I'm not the only mom who feels this way! We are brand new at my boys' school (since we just moved) so I don't know any moms. They all look so together and professional to me when I see them -- I just have my stay-at-home-mom wardrobe and bags under my eyes (still!). At my daughter's preschool, I am now the Resident Old Lady -- everyone we used to know there has grown up and out. A few other moms of young ones came up to me yesterday and asked what it was like to have older kids....... I was remembering the days when I would look at the "older" moms and wonder myself.

Renee Bronzetti said...

So true Heather! I was just thinking how much easier it is this year that Luca is 1st grade and I know some of the Moms as well as Nico being at the same preschool for over 2 years now with a lot of the same kids. I'm just trying to remember to reach out to the "new kids" (i.e. "new Moms") because it can be so tough to break-in to the group when you are the new Mom on the scene. Totally like jr high/high school all over again!

marion said...

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