Sunday, September 20, 2009

Triplets, The Market and Breakfast Out....

Saturday morning I decided to get up and take the babies to the Eastern Market. For those of you who do not know...The Eastern Market is located in downtown Detroit and is a large outdoor market that runs every Saturday all year round. I buy my plants down there, I go and get my Christmas wreaths there, I get good cheese from the cheese factory and of course lots of fruits and vegetables. Eamon and Liam had hockey practice at 11:30 so David was going to handle that and take Mairin so I had as long as I needed or wanted to flit around downtown.
I left the house at 7:20am and went to pick up my Aunt Myrna. We arrived at the market and we put all of the babies in the triple stroller and away we went. Myrna brought the veggie bags so we could carry all of our treasures. As we approached the busy section of the market I took a deep breath in preparation of sticking out like a sore thumb. We moved thru the market slowly and stopped often for many ohhhhs and ahhhhhs. Someone wanted to take our picture for an eastern market advertisement so of course that held us up for a minute but we were on no time schedule.
I was buying some granola when I see out of the corner of my eye Finn come tumbling out of his stroller onto the ground. No crying mind you but the site was horrible. Myrna was great she just stayed calm and said "why you little bugger feel out" I could hear people saying things and freaking out. Please note this is the stroller below that I am referring to. You need to see it to get the real visual of what actually happened.

So as I am buying my granola the lady says , "did you see that baby fall out, it makes me sick to my stomach". I said to her "yes that is mine and he is in a carseat..he is fine". So anyway we get his latched back in and start moving again (hoping that we are blending in again). We decide that we have everything we need so we head back to the car and all of a sudden...there goes Finn again..The front seat pops off and tumbles gracefully onto the pavement with Finn sitting inside of the seat. crying just a look of surprise. I finally figured it out. Colin (the wild child in the second seat) was using his shoes and digging his feet into the back of Finn's seat and hitting the little red latch with his foot and releasing the seat. I was really panicking, thinking "oh my this is terrible and why does it keep happening, especially in such a public place". All along it was Colin helping to unclick the seat. I am very happy that we figured it out as I am not ready to get rid of this stroller yet. From now on Colin will go in the front seat.
We ended our morning by going to Mexican with the babies (tradition to always go to this mexican restaurant after the market). We set up 3 highchairs and warned the staff that we would be making a mess and away we went. Saltine crackers all over and the babies let us sit and chat for an hour. What a fun morning and Aunt Myrna thanks for letting us crash your morning at the market....can we do it again soon????


Myrna said...

We can do it anytime you are available. It was so much fun having the babies with us. They are just the sweetest things!

Jen said...

Oh no. But am glad that you got it figured out. Sneaky little guy.

Angela said...

Another trip mom told me that happened to her and the triple decker stroller as well. Our babes are over 1 now and we never did have this happen. I even check to see if their feet can reach the latch and I don't think they can. The Triple Decker was AWESOME for the first year, but my back is so excited about a stoller where the front wheel turns. No more pushing down and turning for us. I love our new stoller. Thank God for Craigs List!And so glad your babe is OK! I love the fact you go everywhere with them! I think our TD really helped us get out the first year!