Friday, October 2, 2009


This has been a long week. David has been super busy at work and coming home well after the kids have all gone to bed. Thank goodness for Heidi. She arrives home around 4:30 or 5:00 and she is the one who says "ok so what is for dinner? want me to get the vegetable out and ready?" It has been so nice having another hand around. I dont think I have any good stories to write about this week but it seems like we have been busy with a whole lot of nothing.....

I got a bug several weeks ago and decided I needed and wanted to do a bootcamp. I dont want to join a gym right now so I started looking online for independant bootcamps. I came across several different trainers and I emailed them and started asking questions...To make a long story short..I came across this guy who is willing to come to the location of my choice with 4 ladies in the class and do an outdoor bootcamp. We are starting next week. We are doing a 4 week camp, 5 mornings a week at 5:30am. I am very excited and pumped up. We have 4 ladies signed up and we are doing a FREE demo on Wednesday so I hope some people who are on the fence show up and check it out.

Tomorrow if weather permits we are going to the Downs Syndrome Benefit Walk out at Kensington. We are supporting my dear friends, Lynn and Ale and their little peanut...Vinnie. I want the weather to be good so the trips and I can go for the day.

Mairin is at a sleepover tonight. She loves to go go go. Eamon and Liam are in bed because they asked if they could go to bed because they want to be ready for hockey in the morning. The babies got their naps all messed up today so we had baths at 6pm and bottles at 7pm. David is at a silent auction tonight for some friends and I am on my way to bed...What a long week.

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