Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fighting Triplets..Starts So Early

The triplets are now 10 months old and I feel like the fighting has already begun.

I keep all 3 babies in the family room with all of their toys and I often give them a bottle on the floor. They can hold their own bottle so it is pretty easy. Colin on the other hand needs to be strapped into his carseat because the kid cannot stop long enough to eat. Once I buckle him in it is like he knows he can't get out so he gives up and drinks his bottle.
Declan and Finn are drinking and all of a sudden one of them whip their bottles and they roll over and start crawling towards the other. Finn will go up to Declan and grab his face and try to see if he can dig out Declans eyes with his fingers. Declan will tolerate it for a moment and then he rolls over and then they both head for the carseat to get back at Colin for beating them up earlier in the day. They get on each side of the carseat and they start rocking the carseat. Before you know it they flip Colin back so he is tipped back far enough so that he is helpless. He is just starring up at his brothers as they are holding on and balancing against the carseat handle. I will walk into the room and they are all laughing. It really cracks me up.

They are really good at going thru and over each other rather than going around. I allow it because I guess I figure it will make them tough. When one of them has discovered a cool toy it only takes moments before the other 2 are hauling over to the spot that has the cool toy. Colin will crawl over his brother like his brother is merely a piece of landscape. Finn will climb over another and will stop only momentarily and glance at the brothers face and then continue on. Declan will go over someone if that someone isnt moving. Declan usually is not in a hurry to get anywhere unless I put goldfish on the floor. I catch myself telling them to be nice and thinking they need to share. (yep little ahead of myself ...10 month old polite, sharing and nice boys...NOT)

Eating has really ramped up in the last several weeks. These babies are out of control when it comes to eating. I don't think they would stop if I didn't stop them. They are not crazy about wet food that has the wet feel but if it is dry they are all over it. They love the breakfast bars I give them, manderine oranges (if I feed it to them...they squeeze them to hard if I let them do it) mini goldfish, saltines, pears, toast, squash and of course they still like their baby food in a jar.

Colin has 3 teeth (2 top and 1 bottom) and he eats very fast and is very good at it. He makes the lip smacking noise and makes me laugh everytime. Declan has 6 teeth (2 top and 4 bottom) and he is a good eater. I think he is willing to try everything and eats slower than the rest. Finn has 4 teeth (2 to and 2 bottom) He is very texture sensitive. He makes the worst faces when I give him cold things. He would rather just sit there while I fed him pureed baby food.

Colin is doing the 5 second stand with no assistance. When this kid walks life is over....


Helene said...

That's about the same time the fighting started between Cole and Bella too. It was like the minute they were mobile, they went for each other's throats. And it hasn't stopped since!

Garrett and Landon, for some reason, never really fought with one another and they still don't.

It sounds like they're doing really well! Girl, I don't know how you do it. Really. I'm going nuts on most days with just my four...

Myrna said...

I can just see Declan and Finn tipping Colin over! How funny. I am sure this is just the beginning of things to come.

Jen said...

I totally hear you on the fighting. Some days it is never ending.

MamaOtwins+1 said...

I always said our twins have been fighting since the womb - although the love each other dearly.

Yipee for bigger and better foods - although I don't want your food bill in a few years ;)