Monday, October 12, 2009

Hallo...weekends At Cedar Point

Another eventful weekend for the Mott family. We left early Saturday morning to go to Cedar Point for their Hallo..weekends. David and I took the older kids and Heidi graceously stayed home and watched the triplets. We met up with 18 other Mott's so it really was a perfect overnight trip. Aunt Pam took a stroller for Mairin and wanted to "Make all of her dreams come true" so whatever Mairin wanted...Aunt Pam said "sure Mairin". I cannot figure out why my 7 year old ...2nd grade boys had literally no fear. The first ride we went on was The Demon Drop. Are you kidding me..I was scared to death when that ride was over. They ended up riding the Gemini, Iron Dragon, Blue Streak and the Mean Streak. David took them on some other coasters as well but I swear they would have ridden every ride there if there weren't such long lines.

Here is the clan of the Mott's. By this point everyone was ready to get riding some rides so it was the last of the group pictures of the day.

Cousin Colleen was a cool cousin when she decided to ride coasters with the boys. Colleen is also one of my favorite babysitters. She started watching Eamon and Liam at 3 months old and now she has a real job so I only get her on weekends. Yep good old Colleen is great at handling all six.

Mairin parked herself at Snoopy Land and loved every minute of it. Aunt Pam had lots of snacks too so she was in heaven. Little Margaret was there too so Mairin got to be a little mother too. Mairin wanted her face to be painted as a butterfly so here the girls are showing off their paint jobs.
We stayed until midnight and by the time we got out of the park and back to our hotel it was 1:30am....It was a late night but we all had fun. The kids were beat and there was no fighting or anything..they entered the room and crashed.

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Jen said...

what an awesome time!