Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Late Night With Colin

We ended up going to Stanton for the weekend and I left David and the older boys home while Heidi, myself, Mairin and the trips headed north for a weekend at my mom and dad's house.  The first night went great and the babies all slept well.  Saturday night was a different story.  Crazy Colin woke up at midnight and that little stink would not go back to sleep.  I sleep in adjoining rooms so I hear everything.  I tried everything from giving him a bottle, massage, tylenol and nothing was working but as soon as I held him he was fine, put him down and he cried.  At 1:30 I decided enough was enough and I put him down and dragged the pack n' play into another adjoining room that we call "the workshop".  This room is heated and it is just a big room with a workbench, laundry, storage and odds and ends.  There are no windows so it was completely dark.  It didnt take long for Colin to give up and finally go to sleep.  The following morning I was sleeping peacefully when I heard Declan so I got up and got him.  I thought I should go and check up on Colin in the workshop.  I walked in and did not turn on the light but proceeded to feel around the pack n' play and no baby to be found.  (Hummm mom must have gotten him already...huhhhh wonder how she found him. ) I went upstairs and mom immediately says to me, "I heard someone crying so I went down there and I couldnt find where the crying was coming from"  I started laughing..mom then tells me "Heather you will not put him in the workshop again" I answer with ..Oh yes I will mom, this kid will wake up the whole house if we dont. 

This is where triplets are a different breed.  What you might do for a single is different than what you do for 3.  You have to make a decision when a baby is crying.  Do I let the one cry it out and risk waking 2 others or do I go in and give a bottle.  I struggle on what to do and depending on which baby is crying depends on what my next play is. Colin is very determined and can cry a long time, Finn can cry and then go back to sleep and usually Declan can and will sleep thru anything.  Needless to say ..Colin is my little one that I think has the strongest will of any of my kids and I just can't wait to see all of the things he will challenge me on in the upcoming years.  He can be such a little stinker but he is soo darn cute.  

Overall it was a great weekend as we got to decorate cookies with my Nanny and I got a good nap on Saturday. 


Myrna said...

You come up with the best solutions. Tell your Mom that sleep rules! Colin is so cute with his antics and I bet he will give you a run for your money.

Angela said...

I had the same thought last night (again) debating on what to do to make my lightest sleeper go back to sleep. After the second time up, I gave in to the bottle again. It works EVERYTIME! Is this a crime? It's sooo true that you have to think differently when you have 3 babes. Think how much wiser we'll be!!!