Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Homework and Baby Gates

On Monday I kept Eamon home from school because he had a cough that I just didn't like.  It was one of those coughs that you just know if someone hears him they will think, "I just don't know why that mother sends that kid to school with a cough like that".  Yep I am a huge sucker for what "other people think".  Eamon seemed fine all day and didn't have any fever or anything.  Liam got off the bus promptly at 4:10pm and as he ran inside and slammed the door he was slightly out of breath and telling me, "Mom I went ahead and did Eamon's homework for him" I said "You did what?" "I did Eamon's homework for him on the bus".....bless his little heart.  Liam wanted to help out his brother and had no idea that that was not helping his brother. I had Liam erase everything and he said he was sorry several times...I think he finally realized what he had done. 

The other morning I was in the kitchen (as usual) and the older kids were ready for school and they were playing on the computer and watching some TV.  I did a count for the babies and located one in the family room watching baby einstein, one sitting under the kitchen table playing with a toy and the 3rd one was in the living room attempting to get inside Stella's cage (Stella is my sisters dog). I went back to what I was doing and I swear it was not 2 minutes later when I hear Mairin calling me saying "Mom ...come here Fintan needs you". I respond with "Mairin where are you and what is wrong?" She is standing at the top of the stairs with her hand over her mouth laughing with Finn at her feet.  I bolted to the top of the stairs saying to myself "holy crap what is he doing up there"? My 10 month old little triplet has completely figured out how to climb the stairs all by himself.  I really didn't believe it until I let him try it in front of me...Yes it is true he has no issues going up with out any help or guidance.  Time for more gates.

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