Monday, November 30, 2009

A Whole Lot Of Catching Up To Do.....

I have been bad and have not taken the time to chat lately.  My laptop is on the blitz and we have to research every option before going to get a new one. (it is the engineer in my husband and the thrifyness) lord knows what it is going to take to convince him into investing in another one.  So anyway it has been awhile but a very busy while I must add.  We hosted 48 people for Thanksgiving this year and according to me it was a great success.  I just love throwing a turkey day bash.  We deep fried 2 14lb turkeys the night before and carved them immediately.  I put the big 20lb bird in the oven on turkey day.  I have learned many things in hosting for 3 years now.  Oven space seems to be the biggest issue and thank goodness I have 2 ovens.  All of my sister-in-laws arrived with wonderful sides and desserts.  They really make it easy for me as I don't have to worrry about much.  The Mott's crack me up because they come at 2pm and the last ones to leave usually go around 11:30 or midnight.  All of my teenage nieces and nephews were there and every year I think we add some new boyfriends to the mix.  I am so blessed to have such a large family (that I married into) and that I am able to host.  This year I am going to keep all of my notes handy though so I know how much people ate for next year.

Everyone left at 11:30 this year and at midnight I got in my car and headed to Myrna's house to pick her up for some midnight madness outlet shopping.  It was a bad idea.  We went to the Howell outlet and waited 45 minutes on the expressway trying to exit.  There was a 3 hour wait to even get inside the Coach store.  We did not wait in line but rather hit a couple of stores that didnt have any lines.  We stopped for breakfast and by 5:30am we were back at Myrna's house.  I planned this right by telling David I would not be home until early afternoon.  I went to bed at Myrna's house and woke up at 1:30pm just in time to head home and be ready for a night out with some friends. 

David and I got our social fix this weekend.  We went out both Friday and Saturday night and lets just say that it will hold me for a couple weeks.  We ended our holiday weekend on a sad note by having to attend a funeral for a father of my dear friends (Paola DiPonio).  I hate that these funerals are hitting closer and closer to home nowadays.  I often think that I am still really young and that everyone around me is still really young.  We attended the service and were able to hug lots of friends that I haven't seen in awhile.  My thoughts are with my friend as it will take some time to adjust to this type of loss. Paola ..god bless you.

I am glad everyone is back to work and school today.  I was very anxious to shooo them out the door today so I could get back to my reality too.  I have like 12 loads of laundry to do and lord knows what else.  These breaks tend to make any kind of schedule or routine go out the window.  It is really tough to kick it back up a notch.

Today we also started our indoor bootcamp for December.  3 days a week and we are finally inside.  Ok so I realize I havent even talked about the kids but is my day tomorrow


MamaOtwins+1 said...

Sometimes you need a day! 48 people is A LOT, I was impressed with my 18 one year, but you take the cake!
So glad you two got some time to yourselves this holiday.

Myrna said...

Make tomorrow your day too since it is your birthday! I hope you do only activities that are fun and Heather centered.