Friday, November 20, 2009

The "WOW" Factor..Is it triplets or sextuplets?????

This is such an exciting post for me.  Several months ago a mom came across my blog and sent me a message saying that she lives close and that our triplets were all near the same age.  Her name is Jen and she has 3 beautiful little girls (to match up perfectly with my little men)  They are Avery, Devyn and Zoey.  They have the biggest eyes and the best checks ever.  Avery , Devyn and Zoey are 7.5 months old so they are a weee bit smaller than my boys.  

We have met up once before and decided that we needed to do another outing but this time with the babies.  We all loaded up and met up at Great Lakes Crossing.  Oh my did we ever have fun.  Jen and I had so much to talk about that it was literally a leisure stroll around the mall.  We did not go into any stores and stopped only for a tear or a bottle.  The babies all did great and we received a lot of attention.  There were people stopping the middle of their sentences as we walked by.  Many people thought that they were sextuplets and I was the helper.  Jen and I would talk and laugh and we stopped often to answer questions or let people admire our little miracles.  I really can't wait to do this again soon.

We had to grab a photo of this rare moment.  While this lady took our picture there were people gathering around us.  I loved having another triplet mom there to share in the stares with. 


Jen said...

That is SO awesome! There is nothing like a friend that truly understand what you are going through.

MamaOtwins+1 said...

SO glad you found someone that could join you on your journey!

Marcia said...

I love this picture, with the toys hanging off the handles of the car seats!! Both of you look so happy and relaxed and the babies look happy and healthy!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mott Family~~~ This is Jenn's Mom. So happy that Jenn has found another
"multiple" family so close by.
You must have really turned a few heads while at the mall that day. Keep it up
& have fun. Something to really look back it.

Helen said...

So fun! I had a similar experience when my triplets were about 10 months old - people asked if I was the mom of all 6 and if the other mom was the nanny. Cracked us up!

Stopping by from Multiples and More :)

Helene said...

That is wonderful that you found another triplet mom living so close to you!!! Someone who truly understands your life with multiples!!!

I can only imagine how many people stared at you as you both walked with your strollers! It really does look like sextuplets since the babies are so close in age!

john cave osborne said...

love those strollers. the triple decker is what we called ours. so handy, car seat popping in and all!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Tami said...

I am a soon to be mom to triplet girls. (18 weeks) My husband and I are looking for strollers. What brand is yours and do you like it? (We connected to your blog through tripletconnection.)

Thank you!