Monday, December 28, 2009


I sit here and realize that I probably only have a few minutes since all schedules are thrown off track, toys are spread everywhere, laundry has taken over the house and oh...I have only a couple more minutes of peace before the babies wake up to again destroy the family room.  Will I ever keep up with the mess, spills, dirt, and clutter that is everywhere in my home?  Ahhh ok now for the details on Christmas. 

We all loaded up to head to Grandma and Grandpas house this past Wednesday evening.  The trip is about 2.5 hours so at 1:45min Colin began to do his usual..a constant moan/whine.  By the time we arrived we were all ready to jump out of the vehicle and leave Colin in it.  We took some time to unload and everyone was able to relax as the traditional holiday experience could begin once again.  We all woke happy and cheerful including the babies and started off with a cup of joe, some "Today" show and kids all over asking Grandma for at least 12 different things for breakfast (that is because Grandma doesnt say no)....The girls all headed out to Greenville to hit Meijers for a tradtional last minute stop to gather last minute stocking stuffers (really it was for me..I was in charge of filling David's dtocking and well I forgot).  We all went to lunch after and it was a nice morning.  The boys all stayed home and once we arrived they all headed out to do "man work" outside.  Dad got out the 8 foot long tobagon and his golf cart.  He attached them and off they went thru the snow trails that he had previously plowed.  The kids loved it and I do have good pics of it.  The bad weather started rolling in so our Christmas Eve service was cancelled.  The freezing rain nearly cancelled everything in the central Michigan area.  Around 8pm we put on "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation" and we all sat around, anticipated the good parts and laughed our way thru it. (I know my 7 year old boys have no business watching it but we covered their faces when Clark got overly interested in the female body)

Christmas morning was wonderful and chaotic.  The 3 babies were more than a handful to watch as we were trying to open presents with the older kids.  The babies all got away from us for just a minute and as I got up to get them we found them in the kitchen eating a plate of dessert bars that mom had made and put into a drawer.  They had opened up the ziploc bag and they had chocolate dripping from their chins and they were in heaven.  Unfortunately my first thought was ...ugg is it naptime yet????  Mom and Dad really dont have their home childproof so it was one thing after another as far as what the babies were getting into. 

At 4pm my grandma, aunts and uncles from my mom's side all arrived and we all sat, laughed, talked and ate.  By 9pm we were all wrapping up yet another great Christmas.  All of the work involved was over in a blink of an eye.  I was especially pleased when Eamon told me that "this was the best Christmas ever".  Oh I forgot to say that Santa brought the older kids a trip to Disney so they were all excited.  I will be taking them to Florida in February for some Disney fun (David is staying home with the trips for a week..that should be a good blog post in of itself)

We all loaded up on Saturday and headed back to the city.  Our vehicle was completely packed from top to bottom and everyone slept on the way home.  Ever since we arrived home I have been putting things together, opening new toys, putting in batteries and I dont think I have stopped since.  Whhewwww what a long week. 


Myrna said...

It was such a pleasure to be with you and your family on Christmas. I have an idea you will be ready for school to be back in session on January 4!

Sally said...

what a nice post heather...what a joy to read...