Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Triplets...We Survived The 1st Year!!!!

Today my babies turn 1 year.  It was 365 days ago that these 3 wonderful bundles came into our world.  We survived the 1st year but people say that the 1st year is is year 2 and 3 with triplets that is tough.  Colin decided to take 2 steps on his own today so lets see if he can do it again tomorrow.  Mairin woke me up this morning saying, "mom mom it is Colin, Declan and Finn's birthday today..arent you excited?"  They all asked when everyone was going to come over for a party.  We are having a family party on Sunday so I have a couple more days to plan for that.  What was I thinking ..having kids around Christmas time. 

Tonight we did our same nighttime routine where I open up the gates and start saying, "come on ..come on guys lets go"  The babies start crawling into the hallway and I lead them to the stairs.  We practice going up the stairs (crawling) every night.  Yesterday I decided to start training to go down too.  I get behind them and pull them down step by step.   We 2 sets of staircases so knowing how to go up and down is really key. Please note the little chairs that the boys are sitting in.  These chairs are so precious to me because my grandmother had saved them from her classroom when she was a teacher.  She saved them and had them refinished for each of my kids. These little school chairs are wooden and strong as can be.  They have been such a great gift.  Each of my children have one and currently the older ones use them when they get on the computer.  My grandma (nanny) just dropped off the ones you see in the picture for the triplets.  Thanks Nanny ..these are precious gifts. 

 That is it for tonight..mightly tired and ready for the week to be complete.


Team Darnell said...

Wow, has it really been a year??? Time sure is flying by so very fast. Your boys are adorable. Have fun with the birthday followed quickly by Christmas!! Happy Birthday boys!!

Angela said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Mott Babies! So exciting! And boy, I can't imagine planning for TRIPS birthdays this time of year! What a Christmas present though last year..and every day! God bless!

Jen said...

Happy birthday sweet Motts, and happy birthday Mom and Dad too. Love the little chairs am uber jealous and may just go looking for something similar for my two.

CNH said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet babies!!!! I have twins and a toddler who is 17 months older and this second year has for SURE been way harder. More sleep but I chase them around (out of trouble) ALL day long. :)