Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hustle and Bustle of The Holiday Season and 6 Kids

I am still movin and a shakin but let me tell you that I am happy to know the marathon is almost complete.  I would never want to wish the holiday season away but maybe all of the "to do's" that I seem to fill my life with.  I love the chaos and I love having people coming in and out of my home and my sister is really good at having holiday music on in the background. (you really ought to try it because it is amazing what a christmas song can do for your spirit).  This is the busiest week yet.  This blog is eventually for each and every one of my little peaches so I will give some details as to what is in store for this week.

Last night we decorated all of our sugar cookies so that we could complete our holiday baskets of goodies.  We did homework and went right into decorating.  The babies played very nicely while we frosted.  Today I am finishing up some last minute shopping and heading to a bakery to get some 1st year old birthday cakes ordered for the birthday party on Sunday. I have a "beer" date with a dear friend at 4pm today and then meeting up with another friend at 6pm...I just love getting together with friends.  Tomorrow I need to boil 24 eggs for Eamon and Liam "Middle Ages Festival" on Thursday.  I probably will need to put together some costumes  tomorrow for them.  Thursday I need to volunteer at the boys classroom and then finish my grocery shopping for my Sunday party.  Friday I am helping with the holiday party in Mairin's class.  I get to bring in the cookie decorations. (need to get a sitter for this event yet).  Friday in the afternoon my sitter comes around 3pm and then I am off to get ready for my fun fun happy hour.  I am very excited.  David and I are having a "We Survived The First Year" with triplets..Happy Hour.  We are the ones that really need to celebrate such an accomplishment.  We are meeting up with anyone and everyone who wants to come and having an evening of holiday spirits. 

The pond in our backyard is frozen and David has been out on it.  Couple more days before we let the kids out on it but the boys can't wait to be able to skate everyday.  David sat down this past weekend and counted money with the boys.  They all have their little banks and they were getting quite a bit of money stored up so he sat and rolled coins and organized bills.  They all decided to make a deposit at the bank on Saturday.  I think David was really into counting their money too.  Now Eamon and Liam run around showing off their deposit slips and how much they have in their banks.  This past Sunday we attended a baptism for our neighbors (David was asked to be the godfather).  It was so nice to watch such a nice event.  The kids all behaved and then we headed back to their house for some lunch and conversation. 

David and I have decided that this is the year for Disney.  Santa Claus is going to send Mom and the 3 older kids to see Mickey.  David is going to stay home with the triplets (lord knows this won't be the last trip we make to Disney right).  The flights are booked and I am anxious to see how the kids will react (remember that this is a secret if I happen to see you before Christmas).  My parents have a home in Florida, my aunt and uncle and grandma all spend their winters in Florida so we will have plenty of places to stay and plenty of people to see.  Well 3 more loads of laundry need folding while the babies are still napping so I must go for now.  Happy Holidays


MamaOtwins+1 said...

You so deserve a celebration Friday night! And yeah for Disney!

Jetpack said...

WOW! This is a great blog! Congrats. My wife and I are expecting our first triplets in April. Would love to ask you about your stroller. Is it the triple -double decker? Do you like it? I was concerned about the nose wheel not pivoting. Thanks so much for any input. -Tyler & Kelley