Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So Much To Do and So Little Time

I feel like I have so much to share.  This has been a crazy busy week.  I want to start with one of my favorite things....and it is going and getting the mail during this holiday season.  I get so excited opening up everyone's holiday cards with notes and pictures.  I have everyone's card and pictures hung and love looking at all of them.  The laughs have come from some of you with your little comments from the blog.  My favorite comment from a special friend was (happy holidays and hope Santa brings a laptop) If you remember a month ago when I posted that I wanted a new laptop but it would be hard to get one with my husband being the way he is......Cindy you made me laugh....

Ok so we did all of the holiday parties on Friday and by the time the kids got off the bus I was on my way to our little happy hour.  We had so many cool friends show up for this event..very nice.  Saturday brought some needed recovery and permission to get on the ice.  David has been outside ever since.  We pulled the kids off the ice at 11pm last night.  Here is our rink all lit up

This is all in the backyard.  David mounted some spot lights so that we can really enjoy it at dark.  Eamon and Liam spent 6 hours on their skates today...they have to be getting better for hockey this way. 
Mairin got on skates and she caught right on and now she wants to hold a hockey stick and be like the big kids.  She is so proud of herself

On Sunday we had all of the Mott's over for a birthday party for the triplets.  They did very well with their cakes but they all did need a bath after they were done playing in it.  We all had lots of fun. 

It is tough to organize and figure out how to give them all the cake before they tear into it.  We sat them all on the table to look at the cake and then we cut it and gave a piece to each.

Finn was very cautious and wasn't sure about it.  Colin loved clapping while his hands were covered in frosting.  Declan just picked up the entire cake and shoved it in.
Once we were done bathing and eating cake we all headed into the living room for presents.  Here are some of the many Mott's that blessed us with cool birthday gifts.

David is off work until Jan 4th so we will have a ton of "together" time.  Tomorrow brings packing to head north to my parents house along with some cooking and wrapping.  Happy happy holidays and this year should be fun with all these babies and presents.

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