Tuesday, January 19, 2010

20 Of Mairin's Closest Friends.

Martin Luther King Jr day was not only a day off of school for us but a day for Mairin's birthday party.  My husband and I have decided (well maybe just I decided in order to keep peace) that the kids will have BIG birthday's every couple of years rather than every year.  We decided that 5 years old is a good year to have a BIG party so when the boys turned 5 they went to Chuck E Cheese with 20 of their closest friends.  Mairin wanted to go to Inflatables.  This is a warehouse that has 6 huge blow up, bounce houses. 

We had 20 of her closest friends (lol) show up yesterday at 10am for 2 hours of bouncing and eating.  I think everyone had loads of fun and only a couple of minor bumps, bloody noses and "their not being nice to me".  Mairin was quite the trooper as I don't think she was feeling 100%.  She went to the bathroom no less than 10 times and I know that towards the end she was praying over the porcelain god.  She would come out with her posse and a smile on her face ready to jump some more.  Girls are really rather fun to watch at this age.  They seem to be born with female tendancies that follow women thru life.  I enjoyed watching a group of 4 girls stay very close and do everything together.  They were laughing and I believe really enjoying themselves and acting like they were these sophisticated pre-teens.  The worst part is that I can remember back when that was me.  I remember wanting to be so close to my best friend and to do whatever SHE was doing.  I had no mind of my own at that age and I liked what SHE liked.  I remember trying to be older than I was and that my mom didnt know anything.  I remember not wanting "the boys" around.  The boys on the other hand just ran around chasing each other, sweating like they had just jumped out of the shower.
Needless to say we can check the box on completing the Big birthday party and move on for a couple more years before we have to do another one.

Eamon: Dad if Santa brought us these rubber salamanders in our stockings than how come they say they are made in China?
Comment of the Day:  From Eamon to Dad

Dad: Well Eamon, Santa needs help during the holidays so he probably contracted out the salamanders with China to help him out.

Eamon: Oh..... Ok.. Dad
(Eamon does not believe in Santa anymore but will not say it out loud)

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Myrna said...

It sounds like a great birthday. I am so sorry Mairin was sick. I can see her keeping on a happy face. She is a special little girl!