Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crazy Busy..Getting Ready To Leave

On Tuesday I am taking the 3 older kids to Florida to visit Grandma, Grandpa, Nanny, Aunt Myrna and Uncle Harry and of course ...Micky and Minnie Mouse.  Santa Clause left tickets to Disney outside in the yard on Christmas Day.  The kids are so excited and I am slowing gathering my excitement together for a week of only 3 kids.  David is taking the week off work to stay home with the triplets and I am sorry that we have to divide and conquer but the older ones do deserve some of their own time. 
In order for me to leave I need to make sure the house is stocked full of food so that David doesn't have to leave the house, I also need to get an instruction sheet together to explain the daily routine.  I keep threatening him that if these babies are all off of their schedules when I get home I will be crazy mad.  David often will forget about time when he is in charge and before he realizes it he is 1 hour late for a nap.  I am very anxious to see what David will have to say after a week with the babies ..24/7. 
While in Florida we want to hit Disney, check out the outlets (for me), Take a drive on Daytona Beach and play in the ocean, check out some alligators and do whatever else my little ones want to do.  This week is all about Eamon, Liam and Mairin.  They are such great kids that they deserve a week of whatever they want ...whenever they want.

The flight will be an interesting one since Mairin keeps asking if we can drive instead.  I ask her why and she says, "mom, if we have to jump out of the airplane it is going so fast".  It will be early in the morning so hopefully it will be an uneventful flight.  Gosh I think I am getting a bit excited while I am talking about fun

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Myrna said...

I must say we can't wait until you get here. We know that you and the kids will have a ball. What a great treat for Eamon, Liam, and Mairin. Nanny is excited too!