Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ice..Snow...Ice and More Ice

This is Christmas Eve and Grandpa had a lot of fun taking the kids on the tobaggon.  It was bitter cold but he wanted to take them out.  The day before we arrived he went out with his tractor and cleared trails so that he could do this.  You can do nothing but laugh looking at this contraption.  My dad got this golfcart and he seems to find uses year round for it. 

This is the pond where we have spent most of our time during our Christmas Break.  Please note the firepit to keep everyone warm and the tobaggon run in the back.   The shiny ice thanks to our neighbor  Dale who stays out there late at night with a hose making it just perfect for the kids to skate on.   This has turned into hours of fun for our kids along with many neighbor kids and friends.  I remember when we bought this house in 2002 and the owners (Ed and Jean) told us many stories about skating parties, campfires and lots of hot chocolate.  I am happy to say that we are continuing the tradition.  The skating is really helping Eamon and Liam to become quite the hockey men.

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