Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Triplets Are A Constant Mess

I now have 2 walkers and my life is officially turned upside down several times everyday.  These little buggers get into everything.  I let them go into the family room and the kitchen.  They empty my drawers (put safety locks on them right? well mine are pull out drawers) If someone forgets to shut the bathroom door it only takes about 30 seconds for 1 of the 3 to unroll the entire roll of toilet paper.  Yesterday they were all playing in the toilet, splashing around.  Thank goodness the older kids had flushed.  Why is it that my kids have issues with remembering to flush?  I constantly remind them but I am always finding little surprises in the toilets.  Do they want to save it for all to see? 

The triplets will eat anything that is on the floor so I have really be careful as to what is left around.  They love getting into my drawer under the oven and they find it fun to sit in it and throw out all of the pans.  I have to load and unload the dishwasher when they are sleeping since they love to pull out the dirty or clean dishes as fast as I can put them in.  You can't open the fridge door without 3 little ants coming out of nowhere to see what is inside this big stainless steel thing.  I have discovered that any little chairs sitting around have to be turned upside down since they will get on them and stand up.  I can't put any toys bins or toy tables close to an end table or they will use the bin as a stool to get up on top of furniture or tables.  I have to admit that this is definately going to be a tough winter.  They are just tall enough to reach up to a table and grab anything that was left on the edge. 
We have a bin of mittens, hats and scarves next to the front door and yesterday I found Finn sitting in the bin trying to put the hats on his head while Colin was using the bin as his step stool to get up on the bench, while Declan was already up on the bench ..standing and pullin on the coats hanging on the hooks....."come on  guys really...Im tryin to make dinner" 
Im sure you are thinking.why don't you keep them out of the kitchen.  Well imagine spending your whole day in one little room.  I try to give a bit of variety.  If they are cranky all I have to do is open a gate and let them explore a different room and it is at least 30 minutes of entertainment.  The stairs provide yet another 20 minutes of fun.  Wait till I let them loose in the basement (oh lord not for awhile). 
I am currently in the process of purchasing toddler harnesses for this spring when we want to venture out.  I will look like I am taking my dogs for a walk.  I am so sure I will get many looks and comments but hey I guess I have to do what I have to do.  Ohhhhh year 2 and 3 are going to be tough..I can feel it.


Sally said...

ok - that was agreat post. too funny. Soon they will learn to just push somehting to the side of the table and start a climbin!

Ang said...

We have pull out drawers too. We found safety latches that only let the drawer open a little bit. Enough for you to push down on the "lever" to fully open it. We have them on the cabinets and the drawers. Good luck with the crazy busy ADORABLE boys!