Thursday, January 28, 2010

Triplet Playtime, Twin Playtime, Single Playtime and Mom Playtime....

I sit here and I have a friend of Mairin over to play and they are downstairs playing house...I has been over an hour since I have heard from them.  I can't tell you how much I love "good" playdates.  I took the babies this morning to the library for "wee play".  The library is 2 miles down the road and they have a 1.5 hour play session for kids 6mo to 24mo.  They put a bunch of toys in a confined room and the parents talk while the kids play.  It went great and I think it is something we should do every Thursday.  The most interesting part was that I was the only mom there.  Yes it was a room full of kids and their "nannies".  One of the first questions to me was, "are they yours"?  I think it just woke me up to say..."wow there are a ton of mom's out there that are working and wow there are a ton of nannies out there".  Everyone was so nice so it was a great morning. 
Lots of activity for the rest of the week.  Huge playdate tomorrow....Im havin my friends over too.  My girlfriend and her 2 kids are coming over, Eamon and Liam are having a couple of friends over. There is no school tomorrow for Mairin and a half day for the boys.  Party to start at noon with pizza and then an afternoon of play while Sally and I catch up and chat in the family room....ahhhhh.  At 7pm  we are heading downtown with 6 ladies to Mexican Town for some good old Mexican to celebrate my sister,  Heidi's birthday.  We have hockey on Saturday and Sunday and a traditional birthday dinner for Heidi on Sunday. 

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