Friday, February 19, 2010

Mid Winter Break Is Coming To An End....Hallelujah!!!!!

TGIF and for more reasons than normal.  I am proud to say that we have successfully survived our mid winter break with all 6 kids home ...round the clock.  Thank goodness for school and schedules because it is tough to keep the older kids entertained while being very limited with the younger ones.  I was thankful that my 2 neices called me several weeks and said, "Aunt Heather we need money so we will babysit, organize or do whatever you want us to do over break".  I went ahead and took them up on it by scheduling some appointments.  The kids loved having Mary and Maddie here and these girls are so darn adorable.  They play with the kids and I think that is what I love the most about them.  Mary and Maddie both go to Marian Highschool and they have really turned out to be nice, responsible, pretty young ladies.  On Tuesday I stocked up on some new bins and we all went into the basement for the extreme organization.  We went thru every container in the basement, every tub of toys, every corner, every last inch.  I took out 3 garbage bags of junk and 1 large bag to salvation army.  I feel so cleansed.  On Thursday I had the girls organize the triplet clothes drawer. (Mary loves to organize so she just smiles when you ask her to start a project)  On Thursday evening David took the boys to the library to do some of their changes project.  They came home 2 hours later and some of their work was absolutely impressive.  Good job David.  You have to love a husband that handles the "homework" and when you read over learn something too. 
I am also going to take a minute and give Mary and Maddie a plug too.....They are looking for babysitting jobs this summer so if anyone in the Metro Detroit Area needs parttime or fulltime sitting this summer ...we got you covered.  I wish I could hire them full time but just can't justify that right now.  Mary is a Senior and Maddie is a Sophmore.  Their rates are very reasonable. 

The boys had a sleepover on Wednesday and then a playdate on Thursday.  Mairin also had a sleepover on Wednesday that she had a ton of fun at.  They have all been skating most of the week.  I honestly have no idea what we would do if we didn't have this pond in the backyard.  It is clearly our daily acitivity. 

I think the kids are ready to go back to school because they are probably bored of me constantly on them to clean up, fold some laundry, help me with the babies etc......


Sally said...

and an additional snow day just for YOU today!

Harry and Myrna said...

I know you could not believe that school was cancelled. The teachers and the kids are happy!