Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Rest Of The Story.....

I didn't want to give you all to much info to digest so thought I would split this whole trip up.  Day 3 in Florida we decided to head up to a state park and see the Manitees.  They only head down this river for a short while in February because I guess this river has springs so the water temp is 72 degrees so they hang out here until the other waters warm up.  The kids loved watching them go by and we were actually very close and it was kind of interesting. 
When we arrived back to the grandparents house we headed out for a boatride thru the canals.  These canals are full of wildlife and they are a canopy of trees and all kinds of "jungle" like stuff.  I guess one of the original Tarzan movies was filmed back in these canals years ago.  These canals take you out to several different large lakes and if the temp was a bit warmer it would have been even better. 

We took another day trip on Friday to Daytona Beach.  We had to have the kids experience "salt water" and let them swim in the Atlantic Ocean.  Daytona is also where you can drive your cars on the beach so it was all about a new experience.  It was colder than cold and there was no swimming allowed so the kids played in the shallow waves and got to taste the salt water. 

We just didn't have good luck with the weather this time but all in all we accomplished what I wanted to do:

-Do Disney World without lines
-See my parents house and stay with them
-Swim and play in Aunt Myrna and Harrys Pool
-Do some outlet shopping
-Go without changing a diaper for 5 days

Looks like we will repeat this trip in 4 more years when the triplets are old enough to enjoy Disney.  My recommendations and rules (my opinion only) to attend Disney are:

-No bottles
-No diapers
-No Strollers

It took about a minute of being home to feel as if we never left.

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Kimberly & Alex said...

i just found your blog through multiples and more and am so excited to find another BIG family. can't wait to read how you juggle your older kids with babies too!