Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Things You Do With Irritable Triplets

My first day back with a bit of normalcy.  We had a snowday yesterday.  Yes I was that mom yesterday morning that said "Are you kidding me"? when I awoke to the TV streaming the names of hundreds of schools being closed for the day.  What were we going to do with yet another day off of school.  We just came off an entire week of no school  for mid winter break...It actually turned out ok.  My wonderful sister again..took it all with stride and gathered up the older 3 and spent the better part of the day at "jungle java".  I was relieved that they had some form of entertainment for the day. I was left at home to tend to grumpy 1, 2 and 3. 
Is crying contagious?  I swear that when one triplet starts crying it isn't long before 2 and then 3 are crying.  On Sunday the babies were driving me so crazy with that constant, dull whine that I had David help me bundle them up and I put them all in the stroller and we went for a walk.  There was snow everywhere and the temp was hovering around 40 degrees.  I fell for the, "maybe we need some fresh air" theory.  They all were completely quiet for the entire ride.  I cannot wait until spring is here and we can go outside.  (note to self..I may regret this statement when they are all outside running in 3 different directions and I am chasing them)
I seem to be grasping for new activities lately especially when they are so irritable.  We did another bathtime in the big tub last night.  I found the key ....and that is to put a small amount of water in the tub and that seems to solve alot of issues of falling over and loss of balance.  I sat them all in the tub together without their seats and they seemed to really like it.  I was soaked when it was over because of wonderful Finn who splashed from the time he got in until he got out.  That was 40 minutes of entertainment.  I then gathered up a bunch of spoons and different utensils and some metal bowls and let them have their own music band in the family room.  That was actually a big success and they made lots of noise but it kept them busy for a good amount of time.  Lets see..what else have we done in the past several days....hummmmmm
I got a cup out with a straw and sat on the floor and tried to teach them each how to drink from a straw.  They were fighting over the straw and could not get close enough to get a taste.  This activity will require some repeat sessions in order to perfect the art. 
I sat on the stairs while they crawled up and down.  I pretty much sat there and monitored so that they didn't take any headers.  They almost have the stairs mastered enough to be let loose on them but Colin still thinks it is cool to stand up while going down and turn towards the bottom.  Then you hear a ..thump thump thump...he has that startled look on his face as he has just rolled down 7 stairs.  He stands up and off he goes.  Thank goodness for that extra thick pad we put on the basement stairs that we put in for this exact reason.
I haven't let them outside yet but I am getting tempted to just open the door and telling them to go at it...No I really wouldn't do that but when I am constantly fighting to keep them away from the door..it makes me again wish for spring when I can let them out.....I know I know..I too will regret this comment also.

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Harry and Myrna said...

You need one of those blow up jump houses that you could put them in and not have to worry! I have an idea the trampoline will get a lot of use this spring, but I bet they will be able to figure out how to escape the net!