Monday, March 22, 2010

I Don't Do PUKE!

Friday was one of those fun days where you are getting the house clean and getting ready for an evening of fun with some neighbors.  We were invited over to our friends house for dinner and drinks and all the kids were invited too.  It was supposed to be just one of those fun nights with little complications. 

Heidi wanted to take Mairin with her for the weekend to go see grandma (nanny).  She just got back from Florida and was getting unpacked and readjusted.  Heidi is really really good at this stuff.  She always visits those who need visiting and she spends time on the phone helping with cell phone and television issues. 3pm I took Mairin to Heidi's school so they could leave to head up north.  I did the drop off and I had asked my niece to stay at the house while I did the driving so the babies could nap.  My niece calls me and says, "You need to go to the school because Liam puked in his classroom and they wont let him ride the bus home"....I head over to school and Liam and Eamon meet me at the front door. Liam is saying "Mom lets hurry up and go home..I still dont feel well".  We get out to the parking lot and he explodes.  I had to do a dance step in order to get my feet out of the way of the open faucet like puke that is coming out of his mouth.  The splatter of vomit that could possibly get on my shoes and pant legs is enough to make me join him and start puking next to him.  I say to him, "Liam are you ok"? In between his pukes he says to me in a serious voice "mom, it must be the chicken rings we had for lunch"...I can't help but laugh at this point...The kid is telling me what is making him to love it.   I see the assistant principal and she proceeds to call the janitor over her walkie talkie .."Custodian we need a clean up in the front parking lot".....

We all make it home and Liam goes downstairs with a bucket and then I have to leave to get Eamon to Hockey practice across town. ( this is the last practice before the championship game)  Eamon is fired up and ready to go.  On my drive back home I am thinking of what I should do and what I want to do.  I SHOULD skip dinner with the neighbors and be home with my sick kid...I WANT to get a sitter and still go.  I ended up getting my older niece to come and watch over the sick kid while I took the other 4 kids with me to dinner.  Liam was just going to sleep anyway right??? 

We arrive for dinner and get the kids unloaded and get some drinks and conversation going.  The kids start eating and I see Eamon at the table and he is acting quiet.  My friend Christy says, "ahh Heather I think Eamon is not doing well".  Eamon is not eating much and he is "getting hot" he says.  The first sign of puking is getting hot.  "David David..take Eamon home now"  They take off and I sit back and take a breath.  We all have dinner and by 9:30pm the babies have had enough so we load up the babies and I am going to drop them off at home and return again.  I pull up and start unloading the babies and my sitter is coming downstairs with a smile on her face. She had just finished emptying a puke bucket for Eamon.  It was a ton of puke she said but he got it all in the bucket.  Ahhh thank god for that.  We get the babies into bed and I leave again to head back to the party.  Now I am at the neighbors with no kids..hummm start with 4 and end with zero.

On Saturday I wake up and get the kids all downstairs.  Everyone is moving slow and I have a headache that I just can't kick.  My hubby wakes up at 10am and I meet him on the stairs and say, "ok now that you are up..I am outta here..not feeling good..see you in a couple hours".  I woke up 2 hours later and feel worse.  Needless to say I stayed in bed all day and my husband took care of everything and told me to relax. I slept more on Saturday than I have in years.  Sunday morning I woke up like a new person. Wonder was that was from?  We all went Saturday and Sunday with no puke and everyone was feeling better. 

Eamon and Liam had their championship hockey game at 4pm and they won.  We all had pizza and awards after.  We got everyone home and in bed by 9pm and thought that was it until Monday morning.....not!!!!

My husband came to bed at 11pm very upset by the passing of the healthcare reform so I knew he wasnt going to sleep well at all.  11:50pm I awoke to that sound of the half cry...broken in half by silence.  It is a dead ringer that it is a puker.  I open up the babies room and had to cover my nose because of the smell that was confined until the door was opened and then the gush of puke smell seems to hit you like a brick.  I pick up Colin and he is dry heaving.  David got clean up duty while I took Colin downstairs for clean up.  He started to puke down the back of my neck..uggghhhh.  I had to do some self coaching in order to make sure I made it thru it.  Got him all cleaned up and David came down and he had cleaned up the crib...or as much as he could in the dark.  It is tough trying to clean up without waking up 2 other babies.  We ended up having to change Colin twice as he kept throwing up.  Finally he was done and he started laughing and wanted to walk around...Time to go back to your crib then.  12:45am we both jump back into bed for the rest of our night.   

Today far so good .  No more puke yet......

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April said...

Oh gosh!!! Eeew! I'm totally the same way. Vaughn puked Thursday all over her crib, herself, the floor and stuffed animals. I was all alone, so after I put her on the couch and was cleaning it, I had to run to the toilet and puked several times! Eeew! I wrote back to you about your bottles. That would be awesome! I can pay you for them, and for shipping, just let me know!

Hope your day has continued puke free!