Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Might Have Set My Husband Up?????

This is what every mom out there complains about so I had to post.  Here we are on a Saturday afternoon I am in the kitchen cooking up something and as I walk into the family room ....this is what I see.  Husband with remote in hand..mouth open wide...1 child standing on coffee table, 1 child making a mess and oh hummm we are missing one.  What is it about a man and his remote control?  I did have to laugh though because I did walk in and witness this but I did go grab my camera and told David to hold the remote and open his mouth..........This my all time favorite!!!

It has been a couple of days since I have written and I have to tell you all that it has been a busy week.  Sick kids can really take a toll on your sanity, free time and your ability to keep up with laundry.  Everyone in the house has gotten sick and I think we are all on the mend.  I completed my load of yuck laundry.  I washed all of the blankets and all of the comforters.  The house is smellin a bit of spring. 

To ventured out quite a bit yesterday.  I took the babies to Sam's Club in the morning followed by a quick stop at the grocery store.  The triplets did great.  Sam's Club is great because it has the large carts that will sit 2 kids on top and then I set the third down in the basket.  They had a good time people watching.  The grocery store was a bit tougher since the carts are smaller but I sat 2 down in the cart and 1 on top.  They held on tight and I squeezed in 4 gallons of milk in between their little legs.  We got lots and lots of looks and lots of comments.  Later on in the day we headed to a huge mall close to our home (great lakes crossing).  Heidi was there with the older 3 kids taking them to the movies. I showed up with the triplets in the stroller and we had a good time walking the mall and noticing all of the stares.  Not as many comments at the mall but lots of stares.  I am really really looking forward to the weather changing as I am ready to get out. 

Heidi spent the later part of Saturday doing what she does best....She decorated Easter Eggs with the kids.  She is such the teacher.  She had everything set up and ready before she called the troops in.  She showed them all how to do it, gave them each the same amount of eggs....Aunt Heidi is really the best.


Angela said...

Love the picture! And ummmm can we borrow Aunt Heidi! She's the Bomb!

5 Kids With Disabilities said...

Yeh, my husband is like that. All havoc can be going on around him and he can turn it off and concentrate on watching his tv. Then he'll snap out of it, look around in amazement at the mess, and say "But I was watching the kids...."
Lindsey Petersen

Kimberly & Alex said...

can totally relate to the pic, and i love that you get out with all your children. that is such an inspiration to me!

April said...

That's a hilarious picture! ! And I agree, if Heidi ever misses the baby stage of BBB triplets, send her my way! She sounds fantastic! I emailed you yesterday, I hope it went through okay? Glad everyone's well now!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Hahaha, that pic is so funny!

Sally said...

Is it horrible I read this as "I might have TO set my husband up?" Made me want to read it....LOL